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The biggest, but least environmentally friendly, Christmas tree this year!
Posted on 13/12/2019

CultureUnited States of America

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More than 18,000 lights are used to illuminate the world's largest tree. It is located in California, at one of Los Angeles' most important shopping centres, the Citadel Outlet. This is a tradition that delights everyone who catches sight of the magnificent tree ... but it is also a tradition that angers ecologists.

Jakkapan Jabjainai/123RF

The Citadel Outlet is one of the most impressive shopping malls in Los Angeles; it is home to nearly 130 stores including Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Michael Kors. It is known for constantly reinventing his space, especially during the winter when visitors are invited to pose in front of the world's largest and brightest Christmas tree. To celebrate this achievement, the shopping centre organised a concert, with the group In Real Life and solo artist John Lindahl as star stars.

In total 18,000 lights and 10,000 garlands have been used to decorate this giant 35-metre tall tree. The lighting of the tree declares that the Christmas season has begun! But this magnificent tree isn't the only thing that the mall has to offer this festive season ... fake snow is going to be falling throughout the Christmas period!

A tree that's not very green?

A tree that's not very green?
Dmytro Zinkevych/123RF

Although LED lights are low energy consuming, this extravagance is highly criticised by environmentalists! In fact, research shows that the United States' electricity consumption at Christmas is higher than Ethiopia's energy consumption for the entire year. The Center for Global Development thinks that this energy could be spent differently but does not want to spoil the festive joy that the lights bring! Their only advice: limit the time for which these pretty lights are illuminated!

However, the Executive Director of the Citadel Outlet says she is happy regardless; having seen all the happy faces during the Christmas ceremony, she really does consider Christmas to be the best time of year!