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The complete guide to the Italian Riviera
Posted on 19/07/2018 , Modified on 20/07/2018


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This guide will cover the amazing villages and towns along the Italian Rivieria starting with where to visit and stay, followed by how to get around, and ending with what to eat while you're there. The Italian Riviera is a stretch of beautiful coastline that blends history, cuisine, white-sand beaches, mesmerizing views, and colorful architecture. The Riviera is situated in northwestern Italy, beginning in Liguria at the border between Italy and France and ending down in Tuscany.

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  • Welcome to the Italian Riviera
    Welcome to the Italian Riviera

    The gorgeous Italian coastline which composes the Riviera is divided into two. The region east of Genoa is referred to as the Riviera di Levante, or the coast of the rising sun, and the region west of Genoa is more commonly known as the Riviera di Pontente, or the coast of the setting sun. This beautiful stretch of land includes mountainous terrain along the sapphire-blue Mediterranean accompanied by white-sand beaches. Along the colored-splashed Ligurian coast, an amazing adventure awaits. All you need is a guide, so here it is!

  • Villages across the Italian Riviera
    Villages across the Italian Riviera

    The Riviera is full of beautiful villages and towns, each unique to its location with different type of terrain, food, things to do and places to visit. Which villages are the prettiest may be up for debate, however the beautiful Cinque Terre (Five Lands) are 18 kilometers of coastline and home to the surreal Monerosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Mananela and Riomaggiore. Built on cliffs overlooking turquoise waters, these colorful dwellings are miracles of ancient engineering; surrounded by vineyards, these little destinations are truly stunning and unmissable. However, the villages of Portofino, Santa Margherita and Rapallo aren't to be overlooked so read on to find out why.

  • Portofino

    This is one of the more luxurious locations where you can park your yacht if you've got one, but it also has a lot to offer for those on a more conservative budget. For example, the beautiful flower-lined hiking trails offer great opportunities for some amazing photography. Overall however, accommodation, food and general living expenses are more affordable elsewhere along the Riviera.

  • Santa Margherita
    Santa Margherita

    This town will most definitely provide a true taste of an Italian holiday. Deeply embedded in an amazing food culture, particularly sea food, this location is far more laid back than Portofino with some wonderful churches and mountaintop views.

  • Chiavari

    Chiavari is a beautiful town rich in culture that has preserved its historic past reaching all the way back to the founding fathers of unified Italy. Escape the noisy and congested parts of the coast and head to the center of Chiavari, a fully pedestrianized zone where you can take your time and hit the beach.