The Hardest Destinations To Visit In The World

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There's off the beaten track and then there are places where the beaten track doesn't even exist! Whilst you might think the world is getting smaller as everywhere is becoming more and more accessible, here are ten locations that are still very much difficult to visit.

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  • McMurdo Station - Antarctica
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    McMurdo Station - Antarctica

    At the bottom of the world, Antarctica has been an area that has challenged even the toughest explorers that the human race has ever produced. This being said, nowadays the continent is the location of a few research centers which are home to as many as 1200 scientists in the summer months. Trips to the icy wasteland are possible with some tour operators even running cruises there by the trip is still an undertaking with the boat ride taking days to reach and the winter months being particularly arduous. There's a reason this region has never had any permanent residents.

  • Pitcairn Island
    Pitcairn Island

    This legendary island's inhabitants are the descendants of the infamous mutineers of the HMS Bounty who decided that life on the pacific island would be better than on their ship. Home to only around 50 people this is one of the smallest democracies in the world and it's also one of the most difficult to visit. There is no room for an airstrip on the island, so visits are only possible by a chartered ship which sails from French Polynesia every three months. If that doesn't sound complicated enough, landings onto the island are notoriously difficult, so the island's small harbor is only accessible by a connecting longboat.

  • Annobon - Equatorial Guinea
    Annobon - Equatorial Guinea

    Equatorial Guinea is known for how complicated it is to acquire a visa to visit the country. The visa application process can take anywhere between six and eight weeks and to further complicate matters frequently ends in a rejection of your application, with explanations as to why seldom provided. And if you are lucky enough to be granted a visa, flights to this ex-Portuguese colony are also prohibitively expensive. If you do manage to make it into the country getting to Annobon is even more difficult since it is situated well away from the mainland in the Gulf of Guinea.

  • Luanda - Angola
    Fabian Plock/123RF
    Luanda - Angola

    Devastated by a civil war that ended in 2002, Angola is an oil rich country that actively discourages tourism. First of all there are the legal difficulties of getting into the country with obtaining a visa usually taking around eight weeks, requiring a host of supporting documents including a letter of invitation complemented by large consular fees. Then there's the trouble of actually getting there with direct flights being rare and costly, your best bet would be taking a flight to Namibia and then making a transfer.

  • East Rennel Island - Solomon Islands
    Ivan Kurmyshov/123RF
    East Rennel Island - Solomon Islands

    Travelling to East Rennell is not impossible, but certainly requires a lot of determination. Firstly you must find a flight to the Solomon Islands, one of the least visited countries in the world. Then you have to catch another flight to the island of Rennell which has 2 flights a week on a puddle jumper aircraft. Then you have to drive over a road made of coral to the east of the island (that's a lot of flat tires) and finally you get one last boat trip to the island where you can enjoy a deserved sense of seclusion.


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