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The jailbreak challenge
Posted on 25/06/2018 , Modified on 26/06/2018

CultureUnited Kingdom

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Every year adventurous students from the UK team up for one of the most extraordinary events of the year.

Jailbreak forbids students to spend their own money while traveling

Jailbreak forbids students to spend their own money while traveling

What is jailbreak?

Little groups travel as far as they possibly can from their university without any money or on an extremeley small budget. This is all done for charity.

Students need to secure free transport, food, shelter and all the other essentials necessary for traveling. However, there's a catch - you're not allowed to spend your own money.

This unpredictable ride is like no other. Often students have no idea where they will end up. What's more, this adventure opens up the opportunity to meet kind and caring people that will help you along the way.

How safe is jailbreak?

Whilst this may all sound quite nerve-racking, it is a safe activity as all participants are tracked.

What's more, each participant is provided with emergency numbers.

Compulsory safety briefings and meetings on regulations take place prior to the launch of the event.

Jailbreak is a fun and social experience which can be seen as a get-away with friends and an opportunity to meet new people and take a break from the stress of university life.

Not only is it social but students also contribute to a cause of their personal preference.

This effective and inclusive way to get students involved in charity work is an unforgettable experience. It's clear to say that Jailbreak is simply a must-do!