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Here are the most haunted places in the UK that will give you chills
Posted on 02/10/2019

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Fancy yourself a bit of a ghost hunter? From creepy castles to old manor houses with their fair share of ghostly going-ons, discover the most haunted places around the UK ahead of Halloween!

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  • Borley Rectory, Essex
    Borley Rectory, Essex

    From a ghostly nun and an aggressive poltergeist, to phantom carriages and the ringing of servants' bells, there have been so many reported paranormal incidents at the site of Borley Rectory in Essex that it has been named 'the most haunted house in England'. These sightings first began when the Victorian mansion was first built over 150 years ago in 1863 on top of the site of an old, 12th century monastery in what was a very picturesque and pretty village. Local folklore has it that a monk from Borley fell in love with a nun from a nearby convent, but the monastery's elders discovered their plans to elope. He was hanged while she was bricked up alive in the walls of the vaults beneath the rectory. It is her heartbroken ghost that is reported to be haunting the site still today. The building was later ravaged by a fire in 1939 and the charred remains were completely demolished in 1944. Yet visitors to the former rectory site and the surrounding Borley church and village have continued to report strange and unusual sightings. Venture their yourself if you dare!

  • Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

    Sitting grandly on the volcanic Castle Rock overlooking the ancient city below, Edinburgh Castle is said to be the most haunted place in Scotland. From a phantom piper lost in the underground passageways running beneath the castle, to a headless drummer and even ghostly dogs from the dedicated dog cemetery, the castle's 900 year long history means it's no stranger to ghosts and ghouls. A large-scale paranormal investigation in 2001 even saw a team of researchers along with 200 members of the public search for concrete evidence of paranormal activity within the castle walls. Results revealed that nearly half of all participants experienced unexplainable spooky phenomena, including sudden drops in temperature and unseen presences persistently tugging at their clothes and belongings, with some even spotting shadowy figures lingering on the edges of their peripheral vision. Ghost tours are now available for you to explore the cold and grey granite walls of the castle for yourself but don't be surprised if you suddenly feel chills racing down your spine, or the sensation of someone tapping you on your shoulder - it's one of the most haunted places in the UK after all!

  • The Tower of London, London
    The Tower of London, London

    It isn't surprising that The Tower of London is considered one of the spookiest and most haunted places in the entire capital with kings, queens, and many other lesser prisoners meeting their (often very violent) end within its walls since it was founded nearly a thousand years ago. The most famed ghost that is said to roam the halls is that of the White Lady in the White Tower right at the heart of The Tower of London. Visitors often report seeing a figure shrouded in white at the corner of their eye or they catch her musty and overpoweringly pungent perfume that has made some guards physically ill just smelling it. Other ghostly residents also include Henry VIII's second wife Anne Boleyn who was ordered to be beheaded by her husband. Always spotted close to her execution site, sightings have reported her to be wandering aimlessly with her head tucked under one arm, or staring hauntingly from the window of the tower where she was held captive before her beheading. If you decide to pay a visit to The Tower of London yourself whilst exploring the capital city, make sure you keep your wits about you as one of its most popular exhibits - the former coat of armour of Henry VIII - is also said to be possessed by a particularly malevolent spirit. Over the years, both guards and visitors have reported a crushing sensation when entering the same room as the armour, as if something - or someone - is suffocating them.

  • Pluckley, Kent
    Pluckley, Kent

    The Kentish village of Pluckley has long been believed to be the most haunted village in England, even making it into the Guiness Book of World Records in 1989 for its reported hauntings. At what is now fittingly called Fright Corner, the ghost of a highwayman is said to linger still, haunting the spot of his alleged brutal murder. Between 12 and 16 other restless spirits are also known to wander the sleepy village including a schoolmaster who hung himself, a screaming man, and a phantom of an old woman that can be spotted smoking on the village bridge. Nearby Dering Wood nestled between Pluckley and another small village in Kent is also known as Screaming Wood because terrifying screams and whispers can sometimes be heard from between the trees at night. Now one of the most popular ghost-hunting spots in the whole of the UK, lovers of ghosts, ghouls and demons are all flocking to the haunted hamlet in hopes of experiencing their very own paranormal activity!

  • Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow
    Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow

    With over 50,000 bodies buried in its grounds, if anywhere in the UK is genuinely haunted, then Glasgow Necropolis may be your best best! The city of the dead in the historic Scottish city is a popular spot with kids looking for a scare, and is the alleged hunting grounds of a terrifying seven-foot tall child-eating vampire. Blood-sucking vampires aside, the sprawling cemetery is a hauntingly gorgeous site with over 3500 monuments paying tribute to the deceased. The stunning panoramic views of the cobbled streets below is also a sight you won't be able to find anywhere else in the city. Yet maybe don't look too closely at the perched gargoyles or stone statues - many have claimed that they have seen these figures adorning the tops of graves change their facial features as though they were living and breathing beings (like an episode from Doctor Who!). Don't be alarmed then if you're walking through the cemetery and have the sudden sensation of eyes following your every step...


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