These trains are as beautiful as they are terrifying
Posted on 09/11/2019


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Practical and economical, train travel is generally the ideal option to discover a country! However, in some places, it is dangerous or even fatal! So here is a list of lines that offer an unforgettable experience, for better or for worse!

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  • The most terrifying trains in the world
    The most terrifying trains in the world

    More than just a trip, a train journey can be an adventure. It allows you to explore landscapes and culture, while being comfortably settled. Sometimes the train itself even tells a story; locomotives such as the Orient Express or the Trans-Siberian Railway have become almost mythical.

    More than anything, trains get you from point A to point B. They're also experiencing a renaissance with the advent of the no-fly movement, and they can also serve as a testament to a region's heritage. But there's no denying that some railways are more terrifying than others. Journeys such as the Death Railway in Thailand or Argentina's Tren a las Nubes, one of the highest railways in the world, play with the limits of danger. While they may be perfectly safe on paper, they can be downright scary in person! All aboard the 11 most death-defying trains in the world!