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Looking for a career change? Update your CV because the Queen is hiring!
Posted on 10/12/2019

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The Queen is on the search for a new Director of Royal Travel to manage taxpayer funded trips taken by members of the royal family.

Would you like to be the next Director of Royal Travel?

Would you like to be the next  Director of Royal Travel?
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This high-profile position comes with a salary of 85,000; the successful applicant will be based at Buckingham Palace and is expected to work 37.5 hours per week. They will organise all methods of royal travel as well as overseeing the operations of the Queen's Helicopter, scheduling trips in the Royal Train and helping to coordinate State Visits.

Environmental considerations are high on the agenda

Environmental considerations are high on the agenda

Everyone is striving to be more environmentally friendly, and now it seems the Queen is too. In the job description, ?environmental considerations' are mentioned as an important factor for the successful candidate. Perhaps this comes after anger erupted earlier this year over what was considered unnecessary use of private jets by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Despite the eruption, Prince Harry defended the use of private jets stating that they are used ?based on a unique circumstance to ensure my family are safe.' This was at the launch of his sustainable travel program, ?Travalyst,' earlier this year. This charitable foundation is the first to be launched under Sussex Royal and aims to create positive change in travel.

Perhaps hiring a more environmentally conscious Director of Royal Travel is just one small change of many that we are set to see from the Royal Family.

The closing date for this royal role is 20th December ... if you think you've got what it takes to work for the royal family, you've still got some time to dot the i's and cross the t's on your resume.