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The return of the cruise: 15 reasons to set sail
Posted on 12/11/2018


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Today travellers seem to have forgotten about cruises all together, whether it be a short tour of the Mediterranean or a two-week-long Caribbean adventure. But why when they have so much to offer? From value for money to endless entertainment, here are 15 reasons why your next holiday should be a cruise.

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  • Cruises welcome everyone
    Cruises welcome everyone

    Gone are the days when cruise ships were filled with retired adults and honeymooning couples. Today, cruise ships welcome everyone with open arms, particularly families. So, if you're looking for a holiday for the whole family, there's no need to cancel out a cruise as an option anymore! And with entertainment, endless food options and most ships offering family suites now, there's no better place to keep the whole family smiling, whether it be the kids or the grandparents!

  • Value for money
    Value for money

    Unfortunately holidays aren't always kind on your bank balance, especially once you've added up the cost of flights, transfers, accommodation and food. But cruise fares offer everything you need for your trip in one upfront payment. Not only does this payment include your accommodation, food and drink for your stay but it covers day trips and around the clock entertainment.

    So, you won't return from your trip to an unexpected credit card bill so big it'll send your blood pressure through the roof. And even better, unlike the price of luxury hotels on land you can find great, affordable deals for five-star quality cruises both online and in local travel agencies.

  • The perfect compromise
    The perfect compromise

    Strenuous mountain hikes or lounging on white sands? When planning vacations we're often forced to choose between adventure or relaxation but not with cruise holidays. A cruise is the perfect compromise. Get your adrenaline fix with on-board rock climbing and ice skating, or if it's culture you're after jump off at each stop to experience new traditions and cuisines every day. And if you need a break from the adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to unwind. Lay out on one of the deck's sun loungers as you read or even book yourself in for a treatment at ship's Spa.

  • Everything you need
    Everything you need

    For the majority a holiday is the perfect opportunity to be lazy, just minus the guilt! And a cruise makes this possible as everything you need is conveniently placed under one roof. Hungry? You won't need to walk more than a few steps to grab a snack or three-course meal. Thirsty? The nearest bar is no more than a one minute walk away. On a cruise you don't have to go far to get exactly what you want. In fact, you don't even need to lift a finger!

  • No time wasted
    No time wasted

    Most of us with full-time jobs only have a few weeks of holiday per year so there is no time to waste at all! Maybe you've lost your precious holiday time before to frustratingly long layovers as you travel from one destination to another. But with cruises there's no need to wander aimlessly around airports looking for food or a place to rest your head, as you travel to your next destination you can do whatever you wish! Catch some rays on the top deck, treat yourself to a spa treatment or even catch a Broadway show. Not a second will be wasted!