Escape to the sun: the sunniest destinations to visit in the cooler months
Posted on 24/02/2020


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Now that winter is here, warm summer days seem like distant memories. Discover these beautifully sunny destinations around the world that will allow you to hold on to that summer sun for just that bit longer!

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  • Malta

    To catch the last of the Mediterranean sun, head to the small island nation of Malta, where even in January the island enjoys seven whole hours of sunshine every day. After the busy summer season, the harbour of Malta's beautiful capital city empties, leaving you to enjoy Malta and its beautiful sandy beaches in relative calm. The island is a cultural treat with its stunning Baroque and Neoclassical architecture and world-class galleries and museums. The interior of the Europe's third oldest running theatre in Valletta - The Manoel Theatre - is magnificent and the facade still retains its medieval charm. It still runs today and is home to the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra so make sure you book your tickets for its many operatic and ballet performances, piano recitals and plays. For the very best of Malta's beaches, take a day trip to Malta's sister island, Gozo. Its many waterfront restaurants will guarantee you a delicious lunch or dinner overlooking Malta's beautiful blue waters.

  • Adelaide, South Australia
    Adelaide, South Australia

    Southern Australia's sun-soaked capital is a city full of art and culture. As the UK begins to wrap up warm for the chilly winter months, Adelaide is preparing to embrace Australia's scorching summer heat. Escape to the Barossa Valley's rolling hills a short distance away from the heart of the city to sample the finest wines that are produced there, the Shiraz grape being the local speciality. To see some of Australia's native animals and most incredible wildlife, come and explore Kangaroo Island lying just off of the mainland. Meet up-close its friendly residents including the island's namesake and wild koalas or walk among some magnificent sea lions dozing down on the beach. A massive one third of the island is protected by conservation areas and national parks whilst the rest is made up of small towns and farms - it's undeniably an amazing haven for nature and wildlife! The island even houses the world's fourth best hotel and many restaurants that serve delicious Australian produce and exquisite seafood for you to enjoy.

  • Gran Canaria, Spain
    Gran Canaria, Spain

    The sun is still shining over Gran Canaria in the autumn and winter with temperatures often reaching the mid twenties. Enjoy this wonderful sunshine whilst exploring the island's unspoilt National Parks, relaxing on its black lava and stunning golden beaches and surfing Maspalomas's famous sand dunes that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime and go dolphin watching off the coast where you're sure to catch a glimpse of the island's friendly visitors. These tours are loads of fun and often include a glass bottom for you to enjoy sightseeing from. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also enjoy an aquatic underwater adventure and go scuba diving! With lots of holidays on offer at an affordable price, there's nothing stopping you from jetting off to this beautiful Canary Island this autumn and winter!

  • The Isles of Scilly, UK
    The Isles of Scilly, UK

    For the perfect staycation, the Isles of Scilly just off of the Cornish coast is the place to go. Although it's not necessarily the hottest destination, the archipelago is an idyllic place and will stay relatively dry and warm during the early autumn months thanks to winds gusting in from the Gulf Stream. Enjoy the Isle of Scilly's white beaches to yourself or put your sporting shoes on and cycle around one of the many bike trails scattered around the islands. There's also plenty to do on the actual coast. Get active and go kayaking, kitesurfing and stand up paddleboarding or take the plunge and go snorkelling with the island's resident seals. Tresco's Abbey Gardens is also a must see while you're here. These botanical gardens are a tropical paradise with towering palm trees and vibrant fauna that you won't even believe that you're still in the UK! It's the perfect, easy and no faff holiday - no passports needed!

  • Mozambique, South Africa
    Mozambique, South Africa

    Mozambique in South Africa is quickly becoming a popular holiday destination with more and more luxury hotels and resorts popping up along its magnificent stretch of coastline. Sun yourself in the brilliant South African sunshine beside the pool or on one of the beautiful white sand beaches that will feel practically deserted after the hectic summer season. Mozambique is also home to many nature reserves and parks. Hop onto a guided safari drive through Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park to catch a glimpse of some stunning, biodiverse wildlife. Lions, hippos, giraffes and elephants all reside in the park's glorious forests and savannahs and Lake Urema and its surrounding wetlands and rivers attract scores of water birds. For diving, you couldn't pick a more perfect destination than Mozambique. Swim with a plethitude of amazing aquatic wildlife and fish in all the colours of the rainbow. If you're lucky, magnificent dugongs and playful humpback dolphins may come and join you!


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