Posted on 21/09/2019

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Do you love modern and contemporary art? Check out these 7 museums!

Do you love art? Do you love modern and conteporary art? Whatever the answer, you're sure to be left in awe by the revolutionary artwork on display across these seven inspiring modern and contemporary art museums!

What is art?

What is art? logia/123RF

What is art? In what terms should we define it?... If we should define art at all. Over history, art and what has been considered as art has changed and developed immensely. I'm sure if we asked Michelangelo to take a look at Salvador Dali's Surrealism, he would look in horror at Dali's abstract interpretation of nature and the human form. Nevertheless, whether you're a lover of modern and contemporary art or you're a classicist at heart, these seven museums across the world contain some of the world's most progressive artwork and are sure to open your mind and leave you in a state of stupeur.

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Centre Pompidou, Paris Pavel Kavalenkau/123RF

Home to the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, the Centre Pompidou located in Paris is a must for any lover of modern and contemporary art! The museum's iconic exterior escalators and coloured tubing make the building immediately recognisable and this is rather in keeping with the forward-thinking, progressive artwork inside. The artwork is divided into two sections: modern art (1905 - 1960) and contemporary art (1960 - modern day). What's more, every year, internationally acclaimed exhibitions are displayed on the museums top floor? where you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the city's skyline!

The Museum of Modern Art, New York City

The Museum of Modern Art, New York City Yooran Park/123RF

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in Manhattan, New York City, is one of the most forward-thinking museums in the world and has always had a progressive approach to art. Since its opening in 1929, the museum had the intention of challenging the conservatism of traditional art museums. Not only does MoMA strive to display top pieces of contemporary artwork, it also aims to promote an understanding of modern art and widen people's minds when it comes to answering questions such as what we define and consider as art. When the museum opened, it housed only 9 pieces of artwork. Now there are 200,000 works on display, ranging from sculptures to performance art pieces. Your trip to MoMA will certainly be an engaging and unforgettable experience!

The Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern, London Chan Richie/123RF

The Tate Modern is one of the most popular museums in the world. It is situated along the banks of the River Thames in London and is one of four Tate museums across the UK, which all slightly vary in the artwork that they display. The Tate Modern is home to a vast array of international modern artwork and innovative contemporary art exhibitions in which artists use electricity, light and sound to engage your mind and senses. The Tate Modern really is an unmissable experience!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Joshua Rainey/123RF

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SMOMA) is the largest modern art museum in the US and is one of the country's most prominent artistic centres. The museum displays artwork from around the world by renowned artists such as Julie Mehretu, an eminent contemporary visual artist, or Andy Warhol, who was a leading figure in the pop art movement. There is a real variety of visual artwork on display, perhaps the most distinctive being the museum's thirty-foot living wall!

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam dennisvdwater/123RF

The Stedelijk museum has a vision to ?enrich people's lives with art? and this is certainly achieved through the interactive nature of the museum and the topical and thought-provoking work on display. For example, there is a current exhibition of the Lebanese-American artist Walid Raad exploring the complexities of the Libanese Civil War and contemporary Middle Eastern art. An exhibition soon to arrive at the Stedelijk museum explores immigrant artists in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century.

Originally housing a diverse range of contemporary and period art, the museum now has a strong focus on modern and contemporary art and contains many pioneering exhibitions.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Broad Contemporary Art Museum, LA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Broad Contemporary Art Museum, LA Toms Auzins/123RF

Together, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Broad Contemporary Art Museum display an array of art history after the Second World War. LACMA displays a vast array of collections, ranging from twentieth century fashion, to contemporary art of the Middle East or contemporary jewellry. The Board has a stronger focus on contemporary art, displaying works from the 1950s onwards, and it truly fosters an appreciation for the art of our time. Whatever branch of modern or contemporary art you like, you're sure to find something new and engaging at one of these two stimulating museums!

The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Bilbao

The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Bilbao Rosen Minchev/123RF

Like the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Guggenheim Bilbao is as famous for its exterior design as it is for the artwork it contains. The museum displays many large-scale pieces of artwork that have been specifically designed to be displayed at the Bilbao; such as Richard Serra's Snake. This innovative exploration of space and sculpture (which is 340-foot-long and weighs 180 tons!) is displayed in the museum's ?fish gallery.? Another imposing and stimulating work on display is Jeff Koons' Puppy. This immense structure is composed of around 27,000 live flowers, stands 37 feet tall and weighs 150 tons. If you're looking for an unconventional museum that both embraces and challenges the meaning of art, then you will definitely be blown away by the Guggenheim Bilbao!