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Walking in a winter wonderland! Here are the UK's best winter walks
Posted on 08/11/2019

NatureUnited Kingdom

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Do you fancy a picture perfect winter walk but you're not sure where to head? Here are the best winter walks across the UK!

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  • Walking in a winter wonderland!
    Walking in a winter wonderland!

    Whether or not you walk along singing a song, you're sure to enjoy these winter walks across the UK. The bluebird may have gone away, but if you're here to stay, why don't you wrap up warm and head outside. You can dream by the fire later!

  • Oxford Canal
    Oxford Canal

    Oxford is a stunning city, famed for its university, history and medieval architecture. However, have you ever considered a walk along Oxford Canal? It might not sound too exciting, but as you walk alongside the frost covered canal you'll be amazed by the natural beauty of your surroundings! The Oxford Canal Walk connects the cathedral cities of Oxford and Coventry and whilst the early stages of your walk will be accompanied by residential canal boats, you're sure to discover many otters later along the way. If you want to take a detour from the canal, you can head to Port Meadow; an ancient area of grazing land and Oxford's largest area of Common land. This vast meadow just next to the canal is a great place for some winter fun!

  • Elidir Trail, Wales
    Elidir Trail, Wales

    Otherwise known as the 'Waterfall Country', the Vale of Neath in South Wales is home to an unusually large number of waterfalls that are accessible to the public in Brecon Beacons National Park. The Elidir Trail is one particularly spectacular walk through the Waterfall Country that will lead you to Sgwd Gwladus, the Lady Falls. Walk upstream along the right hand side of the River Pyrddin through frosty forests and ancient woodlands and you'll soon stumble across the breathtaking Lady Falls. The thin layer of frost on the surrounding rocks adds an entirely new magical element to your already spectacular surroundings. What's more, the Elidir Trail is believed to be the entrance to a fairy kingdom. While we can't guarantee you'll spot any fairies, we can assure you that your winter walk will be magical!

  • Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
    Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

    Head on a bracing walk up Edinburgh's extinct volcano and take in the stunning scenery of the ascent, as well as the summit. Although some may find this steep, rocky walk slightly challenging, the spectacular view of a frost covered Edinburgh gleaming under the winter sun is more than worthwhile.

  • Skiddaw, The Lake District
    Skiddaw, The Lake District

    Even in winter, the well trodden paths of Skiddaw remain easy to follow. Unlike many other mountains of this height in the Lake District, the route to the summit of Skiddaw is rather straightforward. However, that doesn't make it any less impressive than the others as this imposing mountain dominates Keswick's skyline. What's more, the panoramic views from the top are arguably the best that the Lake District has to offer due to the isolated position of this mountain. The views are even more magnificent when everything around you is covered in a blanket of sparkling, white snow.

  • Whitby to Staithes, North Yorkshire
    Whitby to Staithes, North Yorkshire

    The drama of the British coastline is unmissable and this is even more true in winter; the air is fresher, the winds are stronger and the blues and greens of the sea are brighter under the sparkling winter sun. Watch wildlife take shelter amid the imposing coastal cliffs as the dramatic North Sea crashes against the coast. If you're lucky, you may even see a harbour porpoise playing in the waves!

    This 10 mile walk starts by the famous whalebone arch at Whitby coast as well as the magnificent Whitby Abbey. Be sure to wrap up warm before you head up along the cliff-top trail. The winter sea breeze has a bite!

  • Loch Muick Nature Reserves, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    Loch Muick Nature Reserves, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    The idyllic location and pleasant terrain of this freshwater lock make it a popular walking destination among visitors and locals alike. Although this nature reserve is worth a visit all year round, the thin layer of frost that coats the hills and glistening lake make winter an extra special time to visit. What's more, you're also likely to spot an array of wildlife, including red deer and grouse, roaming the hills. The impressive Glas-allt Shiel house (Victoria's Balmoral Estate lodge which she called her "widow's house" after the death of her husband Albert), waterfall and snow-covered mountaintops of Lochnagar are also not to be missed!

  • Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
    Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

    Take a historic walk along Hadrian's Wall, the UK's greatest relic of the 400 year Roman occupation of Britain. Marvel at this Roman artefact as you pass the 16 Wall Forts and other parts of the wall which are astonishingly still standing. You can take on the walk from coast to coast or enjoy a shorter route. Although the famous Robin Hood's Tree may be leafless in the winter, the frost covered branches and endless fields still create a picture perfect winter scene.