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The UK's 10 Most Beautiful Beaches
Posted on 28/09/2019

NatureUnited Kingdom

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Planning your next beach getaway? Considered heading somewhere in the UK? The UK is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and it may be that they're just on your doorstep! So before you jet off to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, check out the beautiful beaches that are just around the corner!

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  • Beautiful throughout the UK
    Beautiful throughout the UK

    It's easy to forget just how many coastlines we have in the UK and I bet if someone asked you to imagine an idyllic beach, Northumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland wouldn't be the first places to spring to mind? they should be! Scattered throughout both the North and South of the UK are hundreds of beaches, many of which rival the beauty of their more exotic counterparts.

  • Sandwood Bay, Scotland
    Sandwood Bay, Scotland

    This remote and beautiful bay lies on along the north-westerly coast of Scotland, in the county of Sutherland. The golden sand contrasts against a backdrop of magnificent rocky cliffs and leaves onlookers in a state of stupefaction! Although the one mile beach cannot be reached by car, it is only a short detour from Scotland's NC500 route which takes you all around Scotland's coastline to explore all of its beaches and natural wonders.

  • Luskentyre Sands, Scotland
    Luskentyre Sands, Scotland

    The stunning blue-green water and the white sand of Luskentyre will truly leave you wondering if you're still in the UK. The Isle of Lewis and Harris, the largest of the Scotish islands and the third largest in the British Isles, is home to dramatic landscapes and traditional gaellic culture that is typical of the Outer Hebrides. You can appreciate this breathtaking beach from different vantage points by cycling or walking along the off road tracks. Only will you realise that you're not in the Caribean when the chilly water rushes over your feet.

  • St Ninian's Isle, Scotland
    St Ninian's Isle, Scotland

    St Ninian's Isle is connected to the main Shetland island by the UK's largest (and one of Europe's finest!) sand tombolas. You cross the 500m long sandy causeway in order to reach the isle, which did in fact used to be its own island. Take in the breathtaking sea views from both sides as you cross this natural wonder!

  • Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland
    Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

    The former Norman stronghold, Bamburgh Castle, majestically overlooks this expansive, pristine beach of the North. Take a windswept walk along the beach, catch some waves if surfing's your thing, or explore one of the beach's many rockpools. Whatever you do or wherever you go, the castle dominates the dramatic Bamburgh skyline and is definitely the beach's standout feature.


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