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The world's 15 best cities for students
Posted on 30/05/2019


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Students are what make a city great, adding to its vibrancy and youth. From a vibrant nightlife to a revival of the arts and culture scene, young people with curious minds know how to turn a historical city into a modern metropolis. Here are 15 cities that love students, and they return the sentiment.

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  • Barcelona, Spain
    Barcelona, Spain

    The colorful city awash with intricate architectural wonders and mouth-watering tapas eateries is also home to a wide array of prestigious universities. As such, the city holds a massive student population, including a whole bunch of Erasmus exchange students.

    Diverse and active, the student body turns the city into an ebullient nightclub by night and a gripping cultural center of gravity by day.

  • Boston, US
    Boston, US

    Home to some of America's most illustrious institutions, including Harvard and Tufts University, Boston is an effusive metropolis that oozes a distinctive, East Coast charm.

    A little rough around the edges and known for its rocky history, the city also has a forward-looking, progressive, and ever-evolving side to its multifaceted identity. And that is thanks to the smart and compassionate young generation that struts Boston's bustling streets.

  • Montréal, Canada
    Montréal, Canada

    Quebec as a whole is probably one of the friendliest places on Earth, and Montréal flaunts a warm, congenial, village-like atmosphere that you wouldn't expect to find in such a big city.

    Brimming with fascinating cultural attractions, stylish bars, and groovy eateries serving the heartiest food you'll ever experience, Montréal is a student's dream. The presence of youth in the city has also turned Montréal into a greener, more multicultural, and infinitely more interesting place.

  • Seoul, South Korea
    Seoul, South Korea

    This avant-garde, neon-lit metropolis can thank its innovative, forward-looking youth for its outstanding contribution to the city's worldwide leadership in tech and science. Futuristic and always ahead of the curve, Seoul wouldn't be Seoul without its student population, which has constantly steered the city towards bigger and better things thanks to their unbounded creativity and ambition.

    High-spirited and hyperactive, the city also has a more serene side, providing students with many peaceful places to study for finals.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Affordable and lively, the historic Czech capital knows exactly how to wow students. Cheap beer, an amazing culture and arts scene, and picturesque sights: Prague has it all.

    Home to a plethora of educational institutions and replete with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, the pulsing heart of the Czech Republic cultivates a youthful image to balance out its historic heart. And students, as well as visitors who enjoy a chipper, juvenile atmosphere couldn't be happier about it.