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The world's most luxurious first class flights
Posted on 25/01/2020

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Luxury furniture, top-of-the-range equipment and meals prepared by Michelin-star chefs: to attract a rich clientele, airlines are competing in their ingenuity and offering first-class services with ever more exceptional features. Get your boarding pass ready because we're about to hop on board the world's most luxurious first-class aircrafts.

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  • 10. The Sky Suite Japan Airlines
    10. The Sky Suite Japan Airlines

    A comfortable cocoon at 40,000 feet is what Japan Airlines' Sky Suite offers. This luxurious private space has a 23-inch screen, a comfortable mattress and a dedicated luggage area. What's more, you're even handed a care kit upon boarding the flight so that you can restore your beauty after long hours of travelling.

  • 9. Qantas Airlines First Class
    9. Qantas Airlines First Class

    The Australian airline offers its first class customers a flight experience unlike any other in the world. In the airport, a dedicated counter allows these customers to check in just one hour before take-off. Comfortably seated in a luxurious individual cabin, the lucky few are able to enjoy top-of-the-range equipment, plenty of entertainment and a dining experience of Michelin-star quality.

  • 8. Cathay Pacific Airways First Class
    8. Cathay Pacific Airways First Class

    A first class flight from Hong Kong can be enjoyed as soon as you arrive at the airport, where a luxurious lounge will kickstart your premium experience. Once on board, you will have your own relaxing area which allows you to isolate yourself from the rest of the passengers. As for the cuisine on offer, you will be able to choose from a multitude of international or Chinese dishes that will leave your mouth watering. However, you should know that a one way first class ticket between London and Hong Kong will cost you around £9,000!

  • 7. British Airways First Class
    7. British Airways First Class

    British elegance and refinement take to the air with British Airways' first class. You are sure to want for nothing whilst you settle down in your private suite where you will be greeted with a glass of champagne as well as all your other 'essentials': a 23 inch screen, two USB ports, a mini safe, a small mirror and a bag of "wellbeing essentials". To get all this on your flight between London and New Delhi, it will cost over £9,000.

  • 6. Thai Airways Royal First Class
    6. Thai Airways Royal First Class

    To satisfy its richest customers, the Thai company has 180-degree reclining seats, top entertainment services and refined cuisine ... An exceptional experience that might be a bit more reasonable than others on the list: you'll pay around £2,000 for a flight from Bangkok to New York.