The world's most up-and-coming fashion capitals
Posted on 18/10/2018

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With fashion being one of the most exciting sectors in the world, self-expression and diversity are being welcomed more than ever. But outside of Paris and Milan, some lesser-known cities are dominating the world of haute-couture. Fashion has never been more globalized than it is right now.

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  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Frolicking in bootcut jeans, colorful furs and striking designer footwear, Stockholm welcomes fashionable dress with open arms. This pristine city is brimming with fashionistas, combining class and an effortlessly cool take on trends. This city's mode is magnetic, and the menswear trends are just as infectious. Suave and succinctly stylish, billboards are adorned with men in classic suede loafers, chinos and loosely folded jumpers over the shoulders for a timeless look. Yet a new wave of minimalism and maximalism mixed with streetwear seems to be flooding the city. Ageless retro luxe and the quirky, 21st century styles have engrossed the wealthy Scandinavian market, with homegrown brands such as ACNE and Vagabond thriving in the global fashion scene.

  • Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo's thriving, creative, and cosmopolitan scene makes it Japan's epicentre of style, and this apex city is as remarkable as its fashion. Cultivating brands such as BAPE, which has graced the high fashion scene and is particularly worshipped among high-profile rappers such as Future, Tokyo's eclectic mix of high fashion streetwear and avant-garde concoctions sets this dynamic city above the rest. Combining modernist and couture staples, Tokyo's surge of innovation is unparalleled.

  • Lagos, Nigeria
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Intricately crafted fabrics and boisterous colors are only a fraction of Nigeria's prodigious fashion scene. Combining a unique eclecticism of homegrown fabrics and traditional dress as daywear, Nigerian designers have created an undisputed and unrivalled new wave of cultural dynamism in fashion. With designers such as Weruzo creating powerful collections crafted from handmade Nigerian fabrics juxtaposed with minimalist silhouettes, this combination of style and contagious culture not only demonstrates Nigeria's power in the fashion world, but it's also full of rich cultural meaning. It's no accident that the Nigerian team's uniform took center stage at the 2018 World Cup and sold three million shirts before its official release. It's impact not only highlights the cutting-edge style of Nigeria's fashion industry, but also its deep-rooted cultural liveliness. With Nigerian designers finding themselves the darlings of A-list celebrities such as Skepta and Giggs, this refreshing and emotive take on fashion soars above other fashion cultures that thrive solely on image.

  • Berlin, Germany
    Berlin, Germany

    This multi-dimensional city reveals itself through its eclectic street style. Berlin's old-meets-new approach to fashion is grounding. An influx of logomania and streetwear is the driving force behind this metropolis' fashion renaissance, with Berlin Fashion Week playing the role of dark horse in the fashion industry. Berlin, a city of character and rigor, is translated into fashion through authentic irony and audaciousness, a perfect compliment to the city's equally eclectic architecture.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Abu Dhabi channels luxe through its cityscape. Their original approach to fashion and obsession with haute couture, opulence and designer logomania is exhaustive yet intriguing. With sheikhs adorned in traditional Islamic dress sporting bold designer footwear, and women revealing the latest designer handbags, Abu Dhabi wins the contest for the most brand-conscious city. With trademark logos captivating the world and flourishing through innovative brands such as Off-White, Abu Dhabi's on-trend attitude is revealed through its lavish daywear.