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"Literally just a bridge": The worst Google Reviews of famous tourist attractions
Posted on 12/08/2019

HumourUnited Kingdom

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The internet is a magical place where private citizens can freely share their opinions about anything, anytime. And a quick scroll through Google Reivews will tell you that they take full advantage. From The Great Wall of China not being noticeable enough to the disappointing red hue of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, discover our list of the worst reviews of iconic tourist sites found on Google reviews.

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  • The Great Wall, China
    The Great Wall, China

    "It's not a great wall, more of an alright wall. They should rename it the Alright Wall of China," one Internet user declared about one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It seems that even the Great Wall of China can't please everyone! Talking about the famous 13-mile fortifications, a large number of visitors complained about the length of the walk, describing the Great Wall as way too tiring and too long. "Spent a whole hour trying to find the wall just to realize I was standing on it the entire time," another visitor commented.

  • The Pacific Ocean
    The Pacific Ocean

    Yes, you can indeed review the Pacific Ocean if you want to, and some of the things you'll read will leave you speechless. Many reviews agree about the fact that the ocean is too wet, and one internet user even described it as too small for his liking, too salty, too cold and too deep. But that's not all; while several reviews denounce the omnipresence of fish in the water, the Atlantic seems to feature another major problem that a few internet reviewers complained about: the absence of Wi-Fi.

  • Big Ben, England
    Big Ben, England

    "It's a London icon that can't be seen at all." While many people complain about the current restoration project whose scaffolding has been covering Big Ben for more than a year, some visitors have other thoughts about the iconic British monument. "All it does is tell time. I have a watch that can do the exact same thing," an unimpressed tourist commented. "It's a really big clock, nothing special really," another reviewed.

  • Golden Gate Bridge, USA
    Golden Gate Bridge, USA

    Although the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is considered by many to be an important and striking landmark, some don't seem to understand the hype. "Not only wasn't it golden, there was no gate! It's literally just a bridge," a visitor commented about the Golden Gate. And as surprising as it can seem, this review is just one among many other complaints regarding the color of the iconic American bridge. "Bridge is not gold, it appears to be red" another traveler said, calling the name of the American monument "false advertising."

  • Grand Canyon, USA
    Grand Canyon, USA

    Who wouldn't be amazed by the splendor and vastness of the Grand Canyon's beautiful gorges, ancient rock formations and colorful landscape? More people than you might think! One user even nicknamed the American National gem the "Not so Grand Canyon" after stating: "Such an over kill, who needs a canyon that deep or wide? Not impressed." "Large hole in the ground...government ought to fill it up,' another added.