There's an entire Hungary outside of Budapest
Posted on 07/04/2019


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Hungary is incredibly diverse, not only in its varying cultures influenced by Latin and Germanic languages, but in its wealth of fascinating landscapes. From the country's many lavender fields and vineyards to its mountains and the famous Danube River, Hungary is much more than just its capital city.

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  • Lake Balaton
    Lake Balaton

    As the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is in fact more of a sea than a lake, making it a preferred holiday destination amongst Hungarians. Situated only one hour from the country's capital, there is always an activity on offer here, from swimming, balneology and oenology to a selection of challenging hikes!

    The lake has an impressive surface area of 600 square kilometers as well as low and a high tide, meaning it's a great place to practice your surfing!