There's nothing wrong with a staycation!
Posted on 10/07/2020

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If the hassle of planning a vacation stresses you out, why not take a relaxing holiday at home without having to leave your couch? This alternative does exist! It's called a staycation, and it can become a real vacation if you just relax and enjoy!

Staycation: a mix of "vacation" and "stay"

Staycation: a mix of
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Going on holiday often involves a lot of planning, budgeting and time. A staycation is a period in which somebody takes days off work but stays at home, participating in various activities within driving distance of their home. Staycations are the perfect way to take a break without having the pressure to plan a holiday abroad, take a plane, exchange your currency or spend hours packing. And although it could sound boring to stay home, staycations are a great way to spend the time off you deserve and enjoy the place you live!

One of the best things about this type of holiday is that you actually save lots of money. Forget about having to pay for flights, accommodation abroad, transportation or other itinerary expenses that can quickly blow your budget. With a staycation, you'll have much more freedom to spend money on various entertainment options nearby.

The perfect way to relax at home

The perfect way to relax at home
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It's also the occasion to explore your city's attractions and discover new places you've never visited! Some adventurous staycationners even stay at hotels near their home for one or two days to get a change of scenery during their time off. Yes, staycations are a great way to do something different from your everyday routine while not straying too far from home.

There's actually no better feeling than knowing you don't have to plan anything during your free vacation time. Making the most of your vacation time at home can also mean not doing anything in particular and just relaxing at home, reading your favorite book or listening to music while having a cup of tea. You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy your holidays!

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