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These 8 cities have some of the world's best public transport systems
Posted on 20/08/2019


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Those who live in urban areas probably know that reliable, efficient and clean public transportation isn't always guaranteed. From Moscow to Seoul, discover 8 cities that are trying to improve your daily commute!

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  • Moscow, Russia
    Moscow, Russia

    Ornate and intricate mosaics, bronze and glass chandeliers, and amazing metal art sculptures: we are talking about Moscow's beautiful metro stations! The city's public transportation is pretty affordable, and the metro is so fascinating that the city organizes guided walking tours to explore it. Over the last few years, Moscow has significantly expanded its bus lanes, and Moscow's public transport is now considered one of the world's most efficient and most beautiful!

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm offers locals and travelers a great and efficient system of trains, buses and metros. But what makes the public transportation in Sweden's capital particularly special is its impressive and wonderful art. Stockholm's metro has even been nicknamed the world's longest art gallery. Traveling underground here feels like taking a journey through an extended art exhibition, full of installations, paintings, engravings, mosaics and sculptures of all colors and shapes!

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's public transit is often qualified as excellent. In addition to being remarkably clean, the city's metros, trams and buses are fast and efficient. The metro is rarely late, with an on-time rate of 99.9%! All day long, trains arrive at any station every two minutes, which is perfect for the 5.8 million passengers that travel around the 80 stations every day. Public transportation is also very cheap in the city, and everything is bilingual in Chinese and English. If you need to find your way around the city, almost all public transport is equipped with Wi-Fi!

  • Zurich, Switzerland
    Zurich, Switzerland

    You should definitely travel to the charming Swiss city of Zurich if you want to enjoy a clean, efficient and pleasant public transportation network! Buses, trams and trains are present all over the city (approximately every 980 feet), making it extremely easy for visitors to travel around Zurich. According to a 2018 Greenpeace study, no less than 40% of trips within the city are made by public transportation, while only 25% are automobile trips. If you buy a city public transport card, you can even have reduced admission to some of the city's museums!

  • Singapore

    With efficient air conditioning systems during summer and heat during colder days, the metro in Singapore attracts several millions of passengers every day. The city's public transportation system is ranked as one of the best, most available and most affordable in the world. Eating, drinking (even water) or carrying smelly items in public transportation is strictly forbidden, and you can even face a fine of several hundred pounds if you do so. As a consequence, Singapore's metro is impressively clean compared to other big cities!