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These 10 photos of Norway will make you want to plan your trip
Posted on 06/01/2019


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Norway: a scenic Scandinavian dream. Immerse yourself in a whimsical fairytale by dog slegging through the snow-clad paradise, horse-riding through the wilderness and gaze at the beaming rays of the northern lights. This enchanting country creates magic for everyone.

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  • Dog Sledding
    Dog Sledding

    Want to expereince a classic Norweigian tradition? Sled your way through the snowy Norweigian scenery that encapsulates the essence of Narnia. Be whisked across mounds of snow by fluffy, blue-eyed huskies. It's a truly sublime experience for any dog lover.

  • Horse-riding

    Gallop your way through the rugged mountains, bubblegum-pink skies and trees blanketed in snowfall on Norway's famous furry friend, the Fjord horse. When should you go? Christmas time. Get into the holiday spirit by riding amidst the chimes of snowbells, reindeer and mistletoe.

  • Bergen houses
    Bergen houses

    No trip to Norway is complete without visiting Bergen's houses. Bold, bright and boasting awe-inspiring scenery, witness the array of colourful wooden houses against the impressive backdrop of mountains.

  • Borgund Stave Church
    Borgund Stave Church

    For those who enjoy dramatic scenic treasures, the Borgund Stave Church is every inch Viking-esque. Embedded among the mountains, this wooden masterpiece is a hidden gem. Uniquely constructed from wood with intricate detailing such as dragon head carvings, this stave churches is a fine example of Norwegian architecture.

  • The Northern Lights
    The Northern Lights

    Feast your eyes upon the engrossing aurora of nature's neon lights. With rays of green, yellow and purple, this spectacular display is like a real life UFO. However, make sure you visit at the right time! The northern lights are most commonly visible between October and March and can be best seen in Tromso.