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Think you know the Dolomites? Here are some fun facts to make the most out of your trip
Posted on 23/11/2018


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Think you know the Dolomites? This Italian mountain range is one of those places you can visit millions of times and still learn something new. Read on to find out all about the least known and most intriguing aspects of this UNESCO world heritage site.

Welcome to the Dolomites

Welcome to the Dolomites
Marconi Couto De Jesus / 123RF

What are the Dolomites? They are a chain of mountains in the Alps. They grace the the UNESCO World Heritage list along with 54 other Italian sites. Even though they are situated among Italian territory, they belonged to Austria for a long time, which is why each town has two names. Moreover, it is difficult to skip over the matter of Austrian culture, still ever-present, notably in the region's language, costumes and architecture. The Dolomites have 18 summits which rise until 3000 metres in the air.



Did you know that the name Dolomites comes from the French geologist Dieudonne Dolomieu? He identified the calcium-rich rock, and it was named in his honour: dolomite. This mineral can be found all over the Dolomites, and it's what gives the mountains their tooth-like colour and texture.



Far from what you can usually see, the Dolomites are splendid mountains and visitors are always guaranteed a picturesque view. The range offers plenty of magnificent vistas to hikers, cyclists and even just casual tourists. Along every hiking route, there are chalets, vineyards and orchards dotting the valleys. Finally, it would be a complete shame to not discover the culinary flavours of the region, which blend both Italian and Austrian influences. The easiest way to get to this Italian mountain paradise is to fly to Venice.

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