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This cycle tour in Scotland will take you through the most picturesque locations
Posted on 12/09/2020

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The Whisky and Burns Cycling Tour , a new 84-mile cycling tour in South-west Scotland organised by Galloway Cycling Holidays in partnership with the Annandale Distillery, is the new way to go if you're looking for an unusual experience travelling through picturesque and quiet locations in beautiful Scotland.

A new way to explore

A new way to explore
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Starting in the small town of Powfoot, it will take you through 3 days of cycling approximately 30 miles a day through beautiful landscapes, natural reserves and inspiring locations.

Amongst the fantastic and historic places included in this tour are the famous Annandale Distillery (where you will get to sample some award-winning whisky), Caerlaverock Castle and Nature Reserve, the 12 Apostles stone circle (the largest stone circle in Scotland), Drumlanrig Castle, Morton Castle, Durisdeer church, and Wanlockhead - Scotland's highest village.

Over these three days, you will get to learn about Scotland's whiskies, food, history, as well as writers and poets, such as national poet Robert Burns.

You will also get to visit the market town of Dumfries, where you will be able to visit the Globe Inn, Burns' favourite tavern, Moat Brae (the house that inspired JM Barrie to write Peter Pan) and the Robert Burns Centre.

At the end of this epic bike tour, you will learn about Kirkpatrick Macmillan, who invented the modern pedal bike, while visiting his graveyard and Keir Mill, where he built his first bicycle.

The last stop in Wanlockhead, as it requires a good level of fitness, can be skipped and replaced for people that do not feel like they can manage the effort.

Prices start from £430, and include four or five-star accommodation, breakfast, luggage transfers and pickups. For more information about the tour, visit the Galloways Cycling Company's website.