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This Finnish town is aiming to be zero-waste by 2050
Posted on 19/07/2019


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While many European cities are struggling to reduce their carbon footprint, the small town of Ii, Finland, has achieved an impressive feat: it has halved its greenhouse gas emissions in just 8 years. This is a first for the Scandinavian country.

Ari Alatossava, the mayor of the town of Ii, has made a bold declaration: "It's the end for fossil fuels; if we can do it in a small town near the Arctic with few resources and benefit so much from it, no one has an excuse anymore. It is a matter of will power".

Costs have been reduced by 90%

Costs have been reduced by 90%

The objective for this town, located 600 kilometres north of the capital, is to be the world's first zero-waste city by 2050. For the time being, it has halved its greenhouse gas emissions. From smart lighting to electric vehicles to waste sorting, today, Ii has an energy surplus, producing up to 10 times more than it consumes.

The town has entered a virtuous circle in which taxes have been reduced, jobs have been created and $2.5 million (around 2 million) has been saved from the annual budget. Finland is has positioned itself as a model country, hoping to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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