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This sculpture garden in Mexico is a true hidden gem
Posted on 02/04/2019

NatureUnited States of America

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In this garden in Mexico it feels like you have stepped into an entirely new world. Mexico is a great destination to visit thanks to its Carribean coastline and warm culture. The temperatures here are outstanding and the cuisine simply delicious. But aside from these obvious benefits of visiting, there are special places in this country which can't be found anywhere else in the world. Located deep in the Mexican mountains is an enchanting jungle-like garden that has been designed to be explored.

What exactly is this place all about?

What exactly is this place all about?
Suriel Ramzal/123RF

Las Pozas was created by British poet Edward James as he became inspired when he moved to Xilita. His life before his move to Mexico was quite different having studied in the elite Eton and Oxford back in England. But after being introduced to the jungle like conditions and life out in Mexico he became greatly inspired to set up a life out there. After his move he decided to make the most of the weather conditions and began to grow plants. But during the harsh blizzards and rain of 1962, most of his plants were destroyed so he set out to create something more permanent that couldn't be taken away so easily. In his head, he had his own version of the Garden of Eden that he wanted to bring alive. His image included surrealistic sculptures that he had been working on from 1949 until his death in 1984.

When was it created and where is it?

The construction of the gardens began in 1962, the same year James was inspired. The garden can be found in Xilita, which is a small town of just 10,000. Xilita is located in the Huasteca region, in the south of San Luis Potosi province. His sculptures here stand more than 2,000 ft above sea level in a subtropical rainforest.

Why is it called Las Pozas?

Why is it called Las Pozas?
Ivan Kokoulin/123RF

Las Pozas translates to the pools in Spanish. It was given this name because of nine pools found here as well as waterfalls. All the water that comes through to the pools does so naturally. Visitors can even benefit from the natural pools and take a dip here!

Aside from the pools, what are its other features?

Aside from the pools, what are its other features?
Uziel Duran/123RF

Given that it took around 35 years to complete it, it has many features which make it particularly special. The gardens contain over 30 structures which include a winding staircase to nowhere and cathedral inspired screens. You can easily get lost in this garden and come across many unique objects. Another great touch to this garden is a wall filled with Egyptian hieroglyphics! A true masterpiece of this garden is the ?Bamboo Palace'. All of these features find their home in a tropical jungle landscape. Given its many interesting features most visitors have dubbed the Edward James gardens as a real-life wonderland.

What is its relevance today?

Today thousands of visitors come from all over the world to appreciate its uniqueness. If you wish to visit it is recommended not to visit during Mexican holidays as the queue can take up to 3 hours. The weekends are also peak times so it's best to visit during the early morning in the week. And when it's crowded you can't climb to the top of the best part: The Bamboo palace. As the gardens are on the offbeat path, it is recommended to stay at the Casa Caracol which has tipi hostel rooms, adding to the unique experience.