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Tired of Paris? Why not try one of these 9 enchanting trips in France
Posted on 27/07/2019


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France is a beautiful country with many places that make for the perfect getaway. If you've already seen Paris a million times and are looking to try something new, here's a list of the best trips to take in France depending on what kind of adventure you're seeking.

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  • Something for everyone
    Something for everyone

    France is a big country, but most people think they've seen it all after visiting Paris. What's more is that visitors often think that France is all about its landmarks, cheese and wine, but are not aware of the gorgeous scenery that is on offer all over the country. There are beaches which resemble that of Greece and islands such as Mont-Saint-Michel that are unlike anywhere else in the world. For those looking for a new adventure and wanting to escape the crowds of the capital, read on.

  • The fairy-tale island
    The fairy-tale island

    A medieval village found in the middle of the sea may sound like something from a fairy tale, but it can be found in the southern region of Normandy. Mont-Saint-Michel has UNESCO world heritage status and has been the star of many travel blogs on social media. If that isn't reason enough to be intrigued, this island has one of the most stunning abbeys in the world. Its architectural beauty and thousands of years significance attracts pilgrims from all over the world. In fact, it was once one of the largest medieval pilgrimage sites. Exploring this island is a delight for all who visit as it is complete with a village, cobbled streets and warmly-lit restaurants. So for those looking to escape everyday life and travel back in time, Mont-Saint-Michel may just offer the perfect getaway.

  • A trip back in time
    A trip back in time

    In northeastern France on the Rhine River plain lies special historical region that borders Germany and Switzerland called Alsace. Start your journey here in Petite Venise, an area in Colmar that can be explored on foot or by rowboat. The half-restored, multi-hued timber houses in this quarter are unbelievably charming. Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, should be next on the agenda and its landmarks won't leave you disappointed. It has its very own Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was completed in 1439, and has the distinct Gothic architecture of its time. Not only is its exterior awe-inspiring but its interior truly captivates each visitor as the rooms are lit by stained-glass windows from between the 12th and 14th centuries.

  • A castle fit for a King
    A castle fit for a King

    If you do find yourself in Paris and you've done all the museums and cafes you can handle, you might be pleased to know that a trip to a place of true bliss is merely half an hour away by train. The Chateau de Chantilly can be found around 50 kilometers north from Paris. In fact a 30 minute train ride from Chatelet is all it takes for the perfect day out. The inside of this castle may take you by surprise as it resembles an art museum, with outstanding paintings, sculptures and exhibits all waiting to be discovered. The surrounding nature of the castle is worth a visit in itself, and for many visitors feeding the fish and birds along the pathways makes the visit even more noteworthy.

  • Take a dip into clear blue waters
    Take a dip into clear blue waters

    The image above may take you by surprise as it seems like a sight that you would only be able to find travelling to somewhere remote and exotic. But indeed these azure waters can be found on the southern coast of France, and as the French poet Frederic Mistral one said, "he who has seen Paris but not Cassis can say they have seen nothing". Indeed the landscape here seems to step out of a painting from the natural surroundings to its fishing-village charm. The main point of interest, however, remains to be the Calanques de Cassis, its grand national park. If you're up for an adventure, hiking through the Calanques is sure to satisfy your appetite as the landscape here is completely unique thanks to the craggy, worn limestone and sandy beaches.


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