Posted on 31/05/2018 , Modified on 01/06/2018


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Asia is the largest continent both in terms of size and population therefore it is no wonder that it is home to some of the most photogenic destinations. Have a read of our article to discover some of the most photogenic places from the Raja Ampat Islands, to the Mekong Delta, and you will be sure to be gobsmacked. If you're travelling to Asia anytime soon, we recommend you venture out to these spots to capture some beautiful shots!

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  • Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia
    Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

    Especially impressive from air, the Raja Ampat Islands never fails to win the hearts of photographers. The surreal and beautiful scenery is every photographer's dream. Raja Ampat has to be one of the most gorgeous island chains in Southeast Asia; not only is it known for its undeniable beauty, it also has abudant wildlife. What's more, it is the place to be for underwater enthusiasts due to the diversity of marine life and coral reef systems that are every diver's dream!