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Ideal countries to go backpacking
Posted on 12/03/2020


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Who hasn't thought of "dropping everything and leaving"? If you love adventure and nature, backpacking is the right experience for you. A bag and the desire to explore is all you need!

It's not easy to pack everything you need in a backpack and venture around the world. Yet there is something magical about exploring unspoilt places while leaving comfort behind. Discover new places and find yourself, that's the philosophy of backpacking. Adventurous, cheap, exciting, but not without risks. Here are 6 locations that we recommend for your adventure (that are safe).

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  • Thailand

    The perfect destination for backpackers with a limited budget, with an average of 25 euros per day, Thailand offers many options for travellers who love sports, the most extreme being the Jungle Bungy Jump and the Human Slingshot - yes, it really exists! The cities of Bangkok and Phuket will satisfy the body and soul of visitors thanks to their local street food and numerous Buddhist temples. But don't leave Thailand without camping and snorkeling in the beautiful Phi Phi Islands.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Anywhere in Central America is ideal for backpacking, but Costa Rica is unique. To avoid spending a lot of money in hotels, we recommend camping. The large rainforests and volcanoes that pile up in the land make it rugged and impervious; which is ideal for those who want to go on adventurous trips. Among the many activities on offer are rafting in the Reventazón currents, ziplining in the Monteverde forest, and stand up paddling near Herradura. If you want an unforgettable experience, treat yourself to an excursion in the Corcovado National Park, walking amongst hundreds of plants and animals.

  • Indonesia

    Listed as one of the best countries for backpacking, Bali is without a doubt Indonesia's best known island, but for that very reason it is also the most crowded. There are other islands to explore, for instance Java, where the cities of Jakarta and Yogyakarta are located, and Sumatra, where you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle near Bukit Lawang (and practice up to three days of trekking). Get carried away by nature, listen to the orangutans' verses, and the rustle of the water flowing down from Sipiso Piso Falls... You won't regret it! For those who prefer the ocean, there's also the island of Pulau Weh in Indonesia, a true paradise on earth where you can snorkel or go for a stroll along the shore.

  • Mexico

    Mexico is a place that pleases everyone. Unique, it has a medium-low daily budget that compensates the price of the flights, and it is rich emotionally, offering experiences only Mexico can give. Fascinating destination for those who, in addition to adventure, want to visit cities rich in history, such as Mexico City, San Miguel De Allende and Guanajuato. After seeing the Zozocolco Falls, rafting, climbing a mountain or following a winding path, recharge your batteries in the city and savour the true flavour of tacos. The music and warmth of people will restore the energy you spent during the day.

  • Nepal

    Nepal is one of the most popular destinations for backpacking because it is cheap. Home to Mount Everest, the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu and the Himalaya mountain range, Nepal is a favourite for adventure lovers. It offers numerous activities ranging from trekking, parachuting and mountaineering. In short, there is no risk of getting bored in Nepal! You can use the numerous camping areas, so for more information, have a look at our Guide and Practical Information page for travelling in Nepal.