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The 9 most affordable dream destinations
Posted on 12/10/2017

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Mauritius, New York or Bali... These are destinations we all dream of! And we have some great news for you, they are not nearly as expensive as you may think. Just one piece of advice - go during the off-season! If you follow this simple rule a getaway to Brazil will cost you no more than a trip to your closest beach. With this in mind here are our nine favorite dream destinations, which are much more affordable that you might have thought.

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  • Explore Mauritius in September
    Explore Mauritius in September

    During September prices are a fraction of what you would have paid in August or July! Although along with the prices temperatures too have dropped, so don't forget to pack something to keep you warm on those chilly nights by the ocean.

  • Make the most of perfect temperatures in Bali
    Make the most of perfect temperatures in Bali

    Planning a trip to Bali? Be sure to go in May or June. Late spring brings with it the end of Monsson season as well as average temperatures of around 30 degrees. However, if you are planning a trip for early next year we recommend you hurry as prices are bound to go up!

  • Get yourself an April tan in Bora Bora
    Get yourself an April tan in Bora Bora

    April does not have to mean those unpleasant early spring showers, instead jump on the plane and enjoy a few perfect days in Bora Bora! April marks the end of the hot rainy season and the arrival of dryer, fresher days with an average temperature of around 21 degrees!

  • Take a bite out of the Big Apple
    Take a bite out of the Big Apple

    New York has now joined the ranks of destinations that are available for all budgets, all thanks to a low-cost Icelandic airline which has made the big capital easily accessible from Europe. Icelandair provides flights from Paris to New York for less than 200 euros for example, and offers the possibility of having a several-day layover in Reykjavik for next to no extra charge! Two birds with one stone, and both for a very low price!

  • Become an adventurer in the Seychelles
    Become an adventurer in the Seychelles

    Just 10 hours away from Europe by plane, this archipelago of 115 islands at the heart of the Indian Ocean is ideal for satisfying your adventurous soul. Here luscious vegetation reigns supreme, which you will undoubtedly discover during countless hikes. September is the best month of the year for underwater diving, especially if you an amateur, since it offers the best underwater visibility. Unfortunately it is not the cheapest time to go, if you want this trip to be gentle on your bank account go in February or March instead.