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Top places to see lavender fields in Provence
Posted on 04/04/2019


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Lavender fields are considered as Provence's purple gold and they're one of the most beloved attractions in France. World-famous lavender fields are a truly awe-inspiring sight for any visitor. During the blooming season which starts in July and ends in mid-August, lavender fields are a spectacular sight of overwhelming beauty. With its recognizable scent and wonderful color, the enchanting plant is the symbol of the Provence region. Magnificent purple and blue fields can be explored by car, by bike or on foot. We have complied a list of best places in Provence where you can see the spectacular lavender fields!

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  • Abbey of Senanque
    Abbey of Senanque

    Dubbed as the most photogenic lavender fields in the country, the picture-postcard fields in front of the monastery of Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey are a must-see for every visitor to Provence. Monks still live inside the 12th century abbey and every day they take care of their lavender fields, work and pray. The monastery is surrounded by purple lavender fields, creating a truly jaw-dropping setting. Even though they are not advertising themselves as a tourist spot, you can still book guided tours on site. Also don't miss visiting the monastic shop where you can buy home-made lavender soaps, honey and olive oil, all produced by the monks.

  • Sault

    Situated on a rocky outcrop, at the altitude of 776 meters, hilltop village of Sault overlooks the colorful lavender valley. Admire the panoramic views of stunning fields of lavender and feel the magic of this charming village. With picturesque streets, charming old houses and stunning views of fields as far as you can see, the old village is without doubt idyllic and romantic. The best day to be in town if you're a lavender fan is the 15th of August when the annual Lavender festival takes place. Lavender celebration offers loads of fun activities like the lavender-cutting championship, folk music groups singing and dancing, parades, lavender market where you can buy the best home-produced lavender products and many more.

  • Plateau de Valensole
    Plateau de Valensole

    Perched at 590 meters of altitude, the Plateau of Valensole is the most popular area for lavender in Provence. The name Valensole comes from Latin words 'vallis' and 'solis' meaning the valley of sun. The area has proven true to its name as the sun shines for almost 300 days a year here. With a surface of more than 800 km2, the valley has perfect conditions for lavender growth. After all it is not nicknamed 'the lavender country' for nothing. Purple blue flowers here are breathtaking so it's no wonder Valensole is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Provence. Visit the family-run distilleries and find out more about how lavender is cultivated here for almost 100 years.

  • Luberon

    Between July and August Luberon Valley transforms into a wonderful purple landscape. With its surrounding medieval villages and picturesque small towns, Luberon will remind you of a real life fairy tale. Hill-top villages overlooking beautiful colorful fields, vineyards and local cuisine made from fresh, home-grown ingredients are all what you need for a romantic retreat. Experience the la belle vie in one of these charming villages and enjoy lavender as much as you wish!

  • Drome

    This rural region in Northen Provence is sometimes overlooked by tourists by more famous lavender destinations. But this hidden gem is full of unspoiled beauty, just waiting to be discovered. It is not that much inhabited in comparison to other French regions, so don't expect hordes of tourists here. Drome is renowned as the France's first organic farming region so it's no surprise you'll find excellent and fresh food here. Visitors come here not only for the food but also for the spectacular lavender fields that make an impressive landscape. And the lavender's not the only plant that grows so successfully here. The area is famous for growing also other medical, perfumed and aromatic plants. A true paradise for foodies and everyone keen on botany!



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