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19 magical reasons to book your flights to Lapland now
Posted on 22/04/2019


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The winter season may be over, but these photos are sure to make you start planning your next winter adventure now.

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  • Calling all lovers of snow and ice
    Calling all lovers of snow and ice

    It may be the location of Santa's secret workshop but there are many more magical reasons to visit this isolated Arctic region. With 200 days of winter a year, this wonderland is replete with glittering snow, frozen lakes and innumerable winter activities for anyone who can't seem to let go of the cold.

  • The Northern Lights
    The Northern Lights

    Spanning Finland, Sweden, Norway and part of Russia, Lapland's location in the Arctic Circle means it offers unrivalled opportunities for viewing nature's most spectacular show. There are a whole host of ways to see the aurora borealis, whether you want to take a guided tour, catch a snowmobile safari to a remote location, or camp out in a glass-roofed igloo under the stars.

  • Reindeer Sleigh Ride
    Reindeer Sleigh Ride

    Reindeers are an indispensable part of Lapland, not only for their role in delivering Santa's presents but also for transportation in the often harsh tundra. A sleigh ride is the most traditional way to enjoy the surrounding snow-capped forests and magical landscape.

  • Husky Sled Ride
    Husky Sled Ride

    For those looking for a more adventurous way to traverse the snowy tracks, opt for a husky-driven sled and let the 'musher,' or driver, navigate you through the snowscape. It may be a slightly bumpier ride than the romantic reindeer sleigh but it's one of the most thrilling ways to see the region.

  • Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi
    Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

    Many have wondered about the truth for a long time, but rest assured that Santa is alive and well in Rovaniemi. Here you can meet Santa Claus and leave him a letter in the Post Office. It is a truly magical destination, with the warm light of the cabins glowing on the thick white snow. Another must-see in the village is the white dividing line that marks the boundary of the Arctic Circle.


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