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Top tips for environmentally friendly travel
Posted on 20/09/2019

EcotourismUnited Kingdom

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Today marks the International Climate Strike that aims to force governments and businesses to take bold action against climate breakdown. The traditional tourism industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss and excessive consumption of natural resources. This is why we're giving you 10 of the best ways to rebel against traditional tourism and instead support environmentally friendly travel practices.

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  • Fly less or not at all
    Fly less or not at all

    It's no secret air travel is terrible for the environment. With amazing train and coach networks across Europe, there is precious little need to fly when it comes to a short break. Consider whether you really need to fly to your destination or if you could choose somewhere different to avoid air travel. However, if you absolutely can't avoid flying, try using schemes to offset the carbon footprint of your flight such as this.

  • Holiday at home
    Holiday at home

    One way to avoid a dilemma over air travel is to opt for a holiday at home. This could include going camping, visiting a new city or getting lost in nature. Holidaying at home can also be an amazing way to support local businesses and industry as well as limiting your environmental impact.

  • Try a different type of holiday
    Try a different type of holiday

    If you're used to going on city breaks or beach getaways all the time, why not switch it up a little! There are so many ways to holiday and these can certainly include more environmentally friendly options. One example could be using a site such as Workaway which pairs you with hosts around the world who give you food and accommodation in return for you helping them with a positive project or activity.

  • Find eco-accommodation
    Find eco-accommodation

    As the world is being forced to become more environmentally friendly, the market for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation is growing too. Hotels and more traditional options are notorious for their excessive waste of energy and resources. To avoid this issue, try finding a hotel, hostel or holiday let that actively practices sustainability in their business model. Look out for places that conserve water, use locally sourced food or are powered by renewable energy sources.

  • Eat seasonal and local
    Eat seasonal and local

    The agricultural industry is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis we are facing, so it's important to support less environmentally damaging options when it comes to your holiday food. The best way to do this is to consume local, seasonal produce and try a predominantly plant based diet. Not only will you be helping the planet, but this is a great way to truly experience the local cuisine and try something a bit different.