Why traveling to Bhutan will be the best decision you've ever made
Posted on 17/11/2018


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Bhutan: where being happy is valued more than being wealthy, where by law, 60% of the country must remain forested, where sustainable tourism is the only way, and where time ceases to exist as you walk along its untouched trails.

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  • The colors and festivity of Bhutan
    The colors and festivity of Bhutan

    It's said that if you want to know about a country, attend its festivals! We picked Bhutan's most revered: the Droupchen Festival. It takes place every year in March in Punakha Dzong. During this grand celebration, you'll witness the true essence of Bhutanese culture and tradition. From their vibrant masquerade dances demonstrating the valour and triumph of the Bhutanese people over the invading Tibetan forces, to their intricately designed traditional attire, the Droupchen festival is steeped in the Buddhist beliefs, traditions and culture of Bhutan.


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