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Glued to Facebook: four in ten Brits are "social travellers"
Posted on 31/05/2017

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A study has revealed that Brits are fulfilling their travel aspirations by living vicariously through others. This largely tends to be via family and friends' posts on Facebook.

Inspiring or envy-inducing?

Inspiring or envy-inducing?
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With such dazzling Instagram filters and comprehensive albums uploaded to Facebook, it's easy to feel like you too are abroad, traveling with your friedns and loved ones. In fact, four in ten UK adults would class themselves as 'social tourists', seeing an average of 14 countries annually by means of viewing their close ones' social media updates.

This serves as a stark contrast to the typical profile of someone surveyed who has been to just nine countries. However, two thirds of people have said to be inspired to pack their bags and embark on a trip abroad after seeing envy-inducing social media posts.

Around a fifth of people admit that they have taken snaps with the intention of posting them on social media to make friends and family jealous. Pictures of the Big Apple are the most popular photos to appear in social media feeds, with Spain coming in second place and France in third.

This research was conducted by First Choice on 2,000 British adults who have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Jeremy Ellis, marketing and customer experience director for First Choice, said: "For many of us, social media has made the world a little smaller - inspiring us to visit destinations we might not otherwise have considered and encouraging us to share our holidays with friends and family too."

Green with envy

Three in 10 people said that social media is their biggest influence for choosing their next travel destination. One fifth of those surveyed will peruse Facebook with the sole intention of finding such inspiration.

Emblematic beacon of Paris' cityscape, The Eiffel Tower comes in as the top landmark to appear on people's social media timeline, whilst the Statue of Liberty is the second most popular. Disneyland, the most Instagrammed place on Earth, ranks in at third place.

The average Brit takes 85 snaps whilst on holiday, which marks a 38% increase over the course of five years. Then, 62 pictures per holiday was the average. With regard to videos, 39 minute's worth of footage is typically recorded by those surveyed when on holiday, whilst five years ago it was just 22 minutes on average.

However, only a fifth of photos taken and just 14% of videos filmed will actually be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Ellis said: "It's clear to see that we love capturing memories on holiday, but are still a little shy when it comes to sharing with our friends and family.

"Whilst technology has made it easier to capture content, taking the time to edit footage is still a barrier to the perfect holiday film."

Top 10 destinations posted on social media:

1. New York
2. Spain
3. France
4. Florida
5. Canary Islands
6. Italy
7. Greece
8. Las Vegas
9. Thailand
10. Cyprus

Top 10 landmarks posted on social media:

1. Eiffel Tower
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Disneyland
4. Disneyland Paris
5. Las Vegas
6. Empire State Building
7. Leaning Tower of Pisa
8. Times Square
9. The Colosseum
10. The Grand Canyon

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