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Top tips for travelling with anxiety
Posted on 23/09/2019

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Does the thought of a holiday cause you to stress more than it does relax? Check out these top tips to help you worry less and relax more on your next holiday!

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  • Worry less, relax more
    Worry less, relax more

    We all have an idealised image in our head of what the perfect holiday should look like ? to us, to those around us, on social media? but for some people, instead of creating a total sense of relaxation, holidays create anxiety, stress and worry; whether it's the constant worry of forgetting your passport, not having any room in the overhead locker for your bags, arriving at your destination to find your apartment doesn't actually exist, cramming your days so full due to the fear of not making the most of your time away, delays ? and that's assuming you're actually alright about the flying part! If you were to ask someone travelling with anxiety to list all the things contributing to the way they feel, the list would go on and on and on and on and on (you get the idea). Travelling can take you out of your comfort zone, out of your natural habitat and cause you to feel a little out of control? it COULD be a recipe for disaster; but hopefully after reading this advice, you can make your next holiday a recipe for worry-free success!

  • The POWER of positivity
    The POWER of positivity

    Any time a worry or anxious thought comes into your head, challenge it. Instead of asking yourself what could go wrong, ask yourself what could go right! To an extent, we need anxiety, it makes us prepared for new and potentially dangerous situations. However, it is when this worry goes into overload that it becomes less of a help and more of a hinderance. When you worry, ask yourself whether or not your worrying is helpful to your situation in anyway. If you are able to adopt a more positive approach to your anxious feelings and the situations you find yourself in, you will enable yourself to think, feel and experience your holiday more calmly and freely.

  • Mindfulness and meditation
    Mindfulness and meditation

    Getting to grips with mindfulness and meditation can take some practice, so it would be a good idea to make a start before you jet off. However, life can be busy, so don't berate yourself if you don't have the chance before your holiday! It may be that getting away gives you the perfect opportunity to put the time into some quality mediation which can replenish and calm your soul. You can find many apps to guide you through meditation, or you can simply take the time to yourself to just sit, breathe and be. You will come to know what works for you, but meditating each morning could be a great way for you to find a sense of peace and serenity ahead of whatever the day brings.

  • Worry diary
    Worry diary

    Give yourself 10 minutes everyday to sit down and write out all the things that are worrying you, no matter how big, small or irrational you perceive them to be. Then, work out which worries are fact based and ask yourself if there's anything you can do about them; if there is, great; if not, then we try and accept that it is out of our control and worry in the set time we have allocated. It is important to be strict with yourself, as this is the only quality worry time that you're allowed each day. If you feel a worry starting to overwhelm you in the middle of the day, remind yourself that you've got time to worry later so that you can free up the rest of your time for enjoyment!

  • Write a list
    Write a list

    If you've been on holiday before, write a list of all the things you enjoyed and why. If you've not been on holiday before, write a list of all the things you're looking forward to and why. Keep it with you and when you're feeling anxious you can read it and remind yourself why you're going away and that it is possible for you to have a good time. Writing a gratitude list is also a great way to bring a positive focus to your holiday and brings the attention to why you're happy to be there and what you're grateful for; whether it's as simple as the beautiful sunrise that you can see from your balcony or getting to spend some quality time with those you love. Instead of filling your mind with worry, fill it with gratitude.