Try some 'sewage' beer in Sweden
Posted on 12/07/2018 3 shares


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Next time you're in Sweden, you will be able to buy a bottle of beer that's made using sewage water.

The beer that is brewed with recycled wastewater

The beer that is brewed with recycled wastewater

This innovative idea comes from Swedish brewery Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, Carlsberg, and the Swedish Environmental (IVL) who have launched a new pilsner that is brewed with recycled wastewater.

Launched on Friday 25th May, PU:REST is a 4.8% pilsner made with organic malt, hops and recycled waste water.

The IVL has been working for years to master the technology to recycle waste into safe drinking water.

This innovative method could be the next best thing as it could be a solution to the world's problem of clean water shortage.

Staffan Filipsson of IVL stated, "the recycled water is as pure and safe as normal tap water, but most people are still sceptical."

They approached the brewery to see if they would be interested in coming together to create an eco-friendly drink and they agreed. Brewmaster Chris Thurgeson stated, "we couldn't resist the challenge. We share the view that both producers and consumers must dare to think differently if we are to successfully take care of Earth's resources."

However, they aren't the first brewery to try out this innovative method of making beer; California's Stone Brewing also successfully brewed a small batch of ale with wastewater for an event last year.

Nevertheless, that was a one-off whereas PU:REST looks like it is here to stay.

Where does the purification take place? The purification for the water happens at Sweden's Hammarby water treatment plant.

PU:REST will be on sale from 2nd July!