UK's best vegan restaurants
Posted on 30/08/2020

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There's no denying, veganism has taken the foodie scene by storm. The last couple of years has seen hoards of people turning vegan for a mixture of environmental, ethical and health reasons. The UK has really embraced the vegan trend and the hospitality industry has welcomed plant-based customers with open arms. In every major UK city you can easily find independent and chain restaurants that are offering either entirely vegan menus or a solid choice of vegan options. With all this choice it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide where the best place for herbivores to find a bite to eat in the UK. So, we've made a helpful guide of the UK's best restaurants that offer either an exclusively vegan menu or a sizable and comprehensive choice of vegan options. Whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian or dedicated card-carrying vegan, these restaurants will surely get your mouth watering.

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  • Mildreds, London
    Mildreds, London

    First on the list is Mildred's. Mildred's was established in 1988 out of what their website refers to as an ?old seedy sex club' in Soho. These true pioneers in London's vegetarian scene became so popular they moved to a bigger venue in Soho and now have three other locations across London in Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston. They have a seasonal, small but eclectic menu with speciality cocktails and very friendly staff. Perfect for a pre-theatre dinner in Soho or a post-shopping meal in Camden AND you can even bring your dog to some of their locations.

  • Tidbits, London
    Tidbits, London

    Next is Tidbits. Its a pay by weight vegetarian and vegan restaurant just off regents street. They always have an extensive range of drinks and freshly prepared food options all very colourful and gorgeously arranged. Their restaurant spans over two floors in a courtyard space surrounded by other trendy London bars and eateries. Their recipes are so popular that they now have multiple cookbooks for vegetarians and vegans to take some of their classics home.

  • Oowee, Bristol
    Oowee, Bristol

    If you're craving some serious junk food, Oowee in Bristol is the place to go. They serve hearty fast food and comfort meals like burgers, shakes and loaded fries. With their minimalist decor, helpful staff and a mouthwatering menu, its no wonder Oowee have achieved cult status among Bristolians.

  • Koocha, Bristol
    Koocha, Bristol

    Koocha boast of bringing the ?taste of Persia to Bristol' with splendid mezze style dishes. You can find them in the heart of Bristol's Glouster Road independent scene with colourful, vibrant food and their signature gin cocktails.

  • Eat a pitta, Bristol
    Eat a pitta, Bristol

    Eat a pitta boasts of having Bristol's best falafel accompanied by their own handmade hummus and pitta. They are environmentally conscious working to create as little waste as possible with the local community in mind. Their family vibe and heartwarming food make it an essential visit for anyone travelling to Bristol.