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UK to host first zero-waste vegan festival
Posted on 01/07/2018

NewUnited Kingdom

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Festivals can be an environmental nightmare, however this summer the UK is hosting its first zero-waste vegan festival which will take place in the Cotswolds from 17th-19th August.

Permaculture and yoga workshops will be available

Permaculture and yoga workshops will be available

No Planet B describes itself as a "TED talk meets music festival" and will feature workshops based on topics such as permaculture and yoga and talks with people such as vegan activist James Aspey.

In order to put their plans into action, they are funding the venture on Kickstarter. The rewards include a range of different tickets, based on how much you donate.

All tickets include free camping however if camping isn't your thing then there will also be glamping options available to purchase closer to the date.

No Planet B festival does have some important zero-waste rules to abide by in order to have a minimal eco-footprint.

We have listed them below:

* Cutting out plastic - Bring your own bottle/mug to re-use during the festival. If not, you can always pre-order one to collect.

* Keep it digital - don't print out your ticket, instead keep your phone charged and use digital tickets only!

* Take your tent - you must bring your tent with you and if you're having some trouble then you can even ask an employee to pack it away.

* Feminine products - leave behind your single use products and use the Natracare's ethically produced menstrual products instead.

* Food - Bring a reusable food container and enjoy all of the delicious vegan food vendors.

* Offset emissions - travel in groups, cycle to the festival or even sign up to their coach scheme.

* Families - biodegradable nappies will be available to purchase, with a discount on your first purchase!

So why not venture out to this unique event and enjoy some delicious vegan food while helping the environment.