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Utah is full of year-round natural wonders
Posted on 30/12/2018 41 shares

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Utah, nestled between Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado, was merely transit territory until the mid-19th century. Yet more recently it's grown in popularity thanks to its diversity of terrain, including Monument Valley and its many challenging mountains. It's about time the rest of the world wakes up to the state's natural wonders!

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  • Ski-worthy Snowbird
    Ski-worthy Snowbird

    It's said that once you've had a taste of Utah's quality snow, it's no longer possible to ski anywhere else! The Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains is home to the highest peak in the entire state and for this reason each year it's rented out by internationally-acclaimed magazines simply for its stunning scenery and the quality of its snow. Just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City and neighboring Alta, where you'll find Utah's second largest mountain, Snowbird's location offers visitors dozens of opportunities.

  • Mesa Arch
    Mesa Arch

    Although lesser-known, Mesa Arch might look familiar as it was one of the Windows 7 desktop backgrounds. As the sun sets, its rays shine through the arch's center across Canyonlands National Park, giving it an almost otherworldly appearance. Many have said it's what they imagine Mars to look like.

  • Zion National Park
    Zion National Park

    In the unforgettable Zion National Park, there are canyons at every turn creating a landscape that seems like a scene from a novel! The burnt peaks of the cliffs contrast with the blooming vegetation below to form a postcard-perfect picture that seems untouched by time. So much so that some visitors are almost left waiting for a dinosaur to pass by!

  • Monument Valley
    Monument Valley

    On the border between Arizona and Utah sits Monument Valley, best known for its remarkable geomorphological formations made up of mesas (small plateaus which look like tabletops) and buttes. This region, in its entirety, is part of the Navajo Nation. And let's not forget that Monument Valley has also provided the backdrop to many Wild West films.

  • Salt Lake City
    Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City stands out from other state capitals due to its history and incredible scenery. As the home of Mormonism, the American religious tradition has shaped the city, but it's still a bustling metropolis. Although drinking and eating establishments are required to clearly label themselves with signs saying, "This is a bar" or "This is a restaurant," alcohol is plentiful and nightlife is thriving. There are plenty of things to see and do amid the splendid backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains.


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