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Valletta is your new city-break destination
Posted on 21/12/2017


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Unbeknown to many, Valletta is an up and coming city-break destination. If you're considering a long weekend in Europe, put the Maltese capital at the top of your list, you won't be disappointed!

Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta
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Valletta, Malta's irresistibly charming capital city, is a hidden gem located within the Mediterranean Sea. It is a city which exudes a timeless charm, welcoming atmosphere and year-round sunshine, and what's more, it's just a short three-hour flight away from the UK.

Not only is Valletta registered as one of the country's exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but it's also an up-and-coming city break destination, offering a plethora of captivating activities and cultural experiences for the intrepid traveler. Whether you're a solo voyager, couple, or family, everyone can enjoy a long weekend in Valletta where you are bound to make lifelong memories.

The beauty of the Maltese capital is that you can visit at any time of the year and still benefit from its enriching cultural atmosphere - the bustling streets are always filled with something to see or do. While the city itself is compact, it's bursting with culture - incredible historical sites, awe-inspiring architectural feats and enticing restaurants will surround you as you navigate Valletta's streets. Oh, and have we mentioned that Valletta is predominantly English speaking?

A culturally enriching experience

A culturally enriching experience

Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the city is home to a unique blend of cultures. The diversity and vibrancy of the island is one of the many reasons why Valletta has been crowned the European Capital of Culture 2018. This prestigious accolade is testament to the Maltese capital's intriguing historical past, unique baroque architecture and above all rich cultural heritage. From the 14th to the 21st of January, Valletta will host its 2018 Opening Week, a cultural explosion of dance, music, and visual arts at the very epicenter of the community. So there's really no better time to visit!

In 2016, Valletta was voted the sunniest city in Europe. The blissful climate makes ambling or Segway-ing as is now the fashion, through the capital's streets and piazzas a truly delightful affair. This endless sunshine, plus Valletta's compact nature, means exploring on foot is the way to go, allowing you to form an unbreakable bond with the city. Fear not, Valletta is just as enchanting at twilight as it is during its sun-drenched days. The streets come alive with locals and tourists alike, and there are plenty of exquisite waterfront restaurants to dine at and experience some eclectic Mediterranean cuisine.

Valletta at dusk

Valletta at dusk
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No matter how long your city-break in Valletta, paying a visit to the St. John's Co-Cathedral is a must. This architectural marvel built for the Knights of St. John and designed in high Baroque style, is a serious rival of other perhaps more well-known architectural landmarks in Europe. Open to visitors throughout the year, you will no doubt gaze in awe at the intricacy and ornate quality of the interior. Prepare to be overwhelmed when you come face to face with Caravaggio's masterpiece ?The Beheading of St. John the Baptist' which is housed within the religious edifice. Discovering St. John's will allow you to immerse yourself in some of Malta's fascinating culture and feel an instantaneous connection with the city's historic past.

Malta's annual Jazz Festival has been a highly anticipated event within the Maltese cultural calendar for the past 27 years. Taking place in July of each year, this melodic and lively cultural event is spread over three days and aims to make jazz music available and accessible to all. The first day of the festival is always free and hosted right in the city centre, where you'll no doubt by whisked off your feet to a soulful Mediterranean beat.

St. John's Co-Cathedral

St. John's Co-Cathedral
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Valletta is invested in its historic past, but it's also a capital which moves with the present and looks towards the future. It is a destination especially encouraging of scientific and technological progress. Located just across the bay from Valletta, in Kalkara, is Malta's Esplora Science Museum. This must-visit attraction appeals to people of all ages, aiming to ignite their curiosity within the realms of science. One of Esplora's greatest features is its incredible planetarium, measuring over 10 meters in diameter, which gives you a truly unique virtual experience of our solar system.

We are in love with the Maltese capital of Valletta, and here's why!