Posted on 25/01/2020 (Modified on 27/01/2020)

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Van Gogh immersive exhibition is coming to London's South Bank

Meet Van Gogh - an immersive and multisensory exhibition of Van Gogh's most famous works - is coming to London's South Bank.

Coming soon to South Bank

Coming soon to South Bank Wieslaw Jarek/123rf

Meet Van Gogh is about to make its UK premiere. The award-winning exhibition - created by the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam - is heading to London's South Bank from 7 February to 21 May 2020.

Meet Van Gogh has been described as a multisensory and immersive journey through some of the painter's most famous works. As a lot of his paintings are too fragile to travel, a traditional travelling exhibition was always going to be too challenging to pull off. Instead, the Van Gogh Museum has created an more interactive experience for an international audience by using cutting-edge audio-visual techniques. Visitors will come face to face with The Yellow House, step inside of Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles and grab a seat at the Potato Eaters table. Visitors can even try their hand at painting themselves.

Visitors will also receive a free headset to wear throughout the whole of the self-guided exhibition. Narrated by Van Gogh himself (thanks to the hundreds of letters he wrote to his brother Theo), the story takes you through the six most important stages of his life, from his Netherlandish childhood and his time in Paris, to his eventual stay at the asylum at St. Remy.

An international success

An international success Alex Postovski/123RF

Meet Van Gogh has had previous success in Barcelona, Beijing, and Seoul. As well as London, the exhibition is also heading to Lisbon for a limited period this February.

Adriaan Donszelmann, the Managing Director of the Van Gogh Museum, spoke of the importance of sharing Van Gogh's artwork, history and legacy with audiences beyond the museum: "While the Museum concentrates on our splendid Van Gogh collection, the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience brings Van Gogh's story to life beyond the Museum walls. With today's techniques, you can go on a virtual journey through Vincent van Gogh's life."

Arnold van de Water, the General Manager of the Meet Vincent Gogh Experience, adds, "In line with the most recent trends in visitor attractions, the Meet Vincent exhibition focuses on the most important stages of his life, his ambitions, the myth and the source of inspiration that he still is to many people.

"The revenue generated by the Experience directly contributes to the Museum's activities. Van Gogh Museum experiential content like Meet Vincent is an important way of celebrating the authenticity of the Van Gogh family legacy and Van Gogh Museum's cultural brand."

Tickets are on sale now on the exhibition's website and are priced from 16 for adults, from 11 for children (ages 2-12) and students and 13 for seniors (ages 65+).