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Visit these 8 places for a family-friendly autumn holiday
Posted on 28/09/2018


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Summer is gone, but that doesn't mean holiday season is over! Book the perfect autumn holiday to one of these family-friendly destinations.

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  • Tokyo, Japan
    Tokyo, Japan

    A bustling megacity may not be your first pick when planning a family vacation, but consider making an exception for Tokyo. Safe, clean, and home to a multitude of intriguing sights and buildings, the Japanese capital is like no other. Ultra-modern structures coexist harmoniously with ancient historical sites, mirroring Japan's eclectic cultural identity. Neon-lit skyscrapers and snow-covered peaks soar side-by-side, offering a breathtaking contrast between the tranquility of nature and dynamism of urban life.

    There is something for everyone in Tokyo, including food tours, museums, temples, and even a Disneyland! Kids and parents alike will also have the chance to marvel at unparalleled wonders of advanced technology, present at every corner in the avant-garde city. Tokyo is a vibrant, unmistakably unique blend of ancestral traditions and futuristic vision that makes for the perfect family getaway.

  • Montréal, Canada
    Montréal, Canada

    Quebec is known for its friendly inhabitants, who will warmly welcome you into their chilly paradise. By visiting Montreal in the fall, you'll dodge both the flock of summer visitors and the uninterrupted snowfall of the freezing winter months. The whole family will love the cheerful and whimsical atmosphere of the city, where both kids and your inner child will be enchanted by ice skating, amusement parks and escape games.

    Water sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the wide range of aquatic activities offered, including surfing, kayaking and rafting. Science aficionados will enjoy getting close to grisly insects at the Insectarium and immersing themselves in the boundless Universe at the Planetarium. Foodies will appreciate the culinary diversity present in the city, its brunch culture and its seasonal outdoor markets. Also, where else would you try authentic poutine?

    Efficiently and beautifully connecting nature, culture and leisure, Montréal will make the whole family move at its breezy tempo.

  • Vienna, Austria
    Vienna, Austria

    Inimitable architectural prowess and a long-standing classical music tradition make Vienna the epitome of metropolitan elegance. But the multifaceted city's sophistication doesn't it make any less kid-friendly, offering countless attractions for visitors of all ages.

    The Schönbrunn Palace in particular is an absolute must-see. While the guided imperial palace tour will dazzle the grown-ups, kids will be ecstatic to explore the labyrinth within the palace's gardens. Luckily, you won't have to go too far to visit the world's oldest zoo, which stands right outside of the palace's premises.

    A trip to Vienna is also incomplete without a visit to Haus der Musik, an interactive museum where kids and parents alike can playfully discover classical music and even try their hand at composing a Viennese Waltz by throwing a dice. You can also have a go at Namadeus, a musical game created by Mozart, which transforms names into melodies.

    In Vienna, a rich past is turned into contemporary wonders to the great pleasure of curious travelers.

  • Panama

    The central American hidden gem is heaven for nature lovers. The pristine scenery of paradisiac beaches, luxuriant greenery, and otherworldly waterfalls unravels before your eyes everywhere you turn. There's no better way to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of Panama's outdoors than by hiking and diving, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    But Panama is more than just its exotic jungle and breathtaking seashore. The famous Panama Canal reminds visitors of the country's rich maritime history, and is definitely worth a detour. The capital, Panama City, offers a stunning contrast between the modernity of its impressive skyscrapers and the old-timiness of the old town's cobbled streets and colourful houses.

    Whether you are snorkeling in the azure waters around Isla Contadora or exploring the flamboyant rainforest along the Quetzal Trail, Panama won't fail to mesmerize you.

  • Florence, Italy
    Florence, Italy

    As the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is the perfect destination for artistic souls. Exploring its charming paved streets and sumptuous gardens is even better in autumn when the summer crowds are gone and the weather is delightfully mild.

    It's a given that museums all of kinds can be found all over this historic city, but there is much more to discover. Walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo for an awe-inspiring panoramic view of Florence, wander around the majestic Boboli gardens, or take a ride on the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica. The Tuscany region is also well known for its delicious cuisine, including traditional gelato, which was created by a Florentine artist.

    Florence is the perfect place to embrace the true Italian way of life, giving a taste of dolce far niente to the whole family. The opulent city and its resplendent countryside is the ideal destination for both relaxation and inspiration.


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