Washed-up whale carcass is cut up on Australian beach


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It's a sad affair. A humpback whale has been found on Nobby Beach, in the town of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. For safety reasons the whale had to be exhumed and then cut into pieces.

A macabre but nevertheless impressive operation has taken place in Australia after an 18 ton humpback whale was washed up on Nobby Beach in Port Macquarie.

Each year humpback whales from the Antarctic migrate towards Australia for the mating season. But unfortunately this poor cetacean never got the chance to rejoin its fellow humpback whales because it got entangled in ocean rigging. Although authorities did everything they possibly could to save it, the mammal succumbed to its injuries. Following this, the local government has decided to bury the beached whale corpse using a mechanical digger.

A carcass at risk

A carcass at risk

There's only one major obstacle in the way - sharks. The animal's fat was seeping into the water and consequently attracting lots of sharks. The situation became especially concerning with regards to the safety of bathers on Nobby Beach. So, the government of New South Wales decided to take charge of the burial of the animal, which was decomposing on the sand. In order to do this, authorities had to use a giant crane, installed on the edge of the cliff-top hanging over the beach, so that the whale could be exhumed. The carcass has since been cut up into pieces and the remains of the animal loaded into a skip.

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Posted on 07/10/2017 9 shares
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