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6 regional foods to add to your UK travel list
Posted on 13/04/2020

CultureUnited Kingdom

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Have you tried all of these regional delicacies?

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  • 6 weird and wonderful regional dishes you have to try
    6 weird and wonderful regional dishes you have to try

    Maybe 2020 is your year to try all of the UK's wonderfully weird dishes. Here are 6 for your list!

  • Cornwall

    Nettle Yarg

    Native to Cornwall, this semi-hard cow's milk cheese wrapped in nettle leaves before it's left to mature, leaving a beautiful pattern of leaves around the rind. The nettle leaves are collected and frozen, and then scraped clean before being wrapped around the cheese. Creamy on the outside and harder on the inside, Nettle Yarg is still made locally with a couple variations. There's even a wild garlic version made by Lynher Dairies.

  • Swansea

    Laverbread or bara lawr

    Seaweed is surprisingly not a staple in British cuisine, despite it being an island, but the Welsh are still making use of it. This savory seaweed pudding gets slathered on toast in Wales or baked into crackers or used in gratins and casseroles. The spread is created using purple laver, and it an be ordered in cans and shipped. However, the real deal must be made fresh, so you'll have to go to Swansea to get the true laverbread experience.

  • Manchester

    Manchester egg

    While the origins of the scotch egg may be disputed, what's for certain is that they're not from Scotland. But in fact it's Manchester that's sometimes thought to have the best variation on the scotch egg, even if it's not the original. First concocted in 2010, the Manchester egg riffs on the classic scotch egg by using a pickled egg instead of boiled, wrapping it in black pudding and bread crumbs, and deep frying it.

  • Liverpool


    Liverpool's traditional dish is a hearty stew made of either beef or lamb. Traditionally, the stew is meant to be thrown together using whatever is leftover that season, so each recipe varies. The hearty, stick-to-your-ribs stew fits right in among the cold northern port city, and is the perfect way to clean out your freezer.