WhatsApp scam offers free Emirates flights
Posted on 25/11/2016

NewUnited Arab Emirates

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Whatsapp users are being warned against a scam that offers two free tickets with the airline in exchange for a 'fast survey', according to Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROFIT).


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A fake survey is currently circulating on messaging service Whatsapp, purporting to offer users two free tickets with Dubai-based airline Emirates. Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROFIT) is warning users of the app not to take the survey or share it with friends.

The fake Whatsapp message contains a link which directs users to a seemingly authentic Emirates' website. Visitors to the hoax site are asked to complete a 'fast survey, asking mundane and symptomatic questions such as, "Have you every travelled with Emirates" and "How often do you fly?".

Once completed, users are then notified that they have won two free tickets and told that they must share the link with 10 other Whatsapp users in order to claim their prize.

Once shared, the user is directed to a new webpage where they must confirm their details. The details entered allow the scammers to sign them up to a premium message number, whose cost is charged to their phone bill.

Having filled in their details, the scam's victims are brought to a final page which says, "Thank you for attending the survey. You did not win, try again better luck." What they lack in eloquence, it seems, the scammers make up for in ingenuity. Our advice to you is simple: if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

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