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Where to go in Europe based on your birth month
Posted on 23/10/2018


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Want to go on a trip to celebrate your birthday? Here's which place in Europe you should visit on the month you were born.

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  • January: Abisko, Sweden
    January: Abisko, Sweden

    January babies who love a snowy winter can't find a better destination than Abisko, in northern Sweden. Situated north of the Arctic Circle in the province of Lapland, Abisko is as far north as you can get in Europe.

    Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, azure rivers, and awe-inspiring canyons, this tiny village will make for the most magical of nature retreats. You can try your hand at backcountry skiing, explore the unspoiled wilderness of the Abisko National Park, or even experience the rush of husky sledding.

    But the most beautiful thing to see in Abisko is without a shadow of a doubt the Northern Lights, and January is the best time to stand in awe of the magnificent aurora borealis. You surely won't mind the ubiquitous darkness of the Scandinavian winter if it means you can catch a glimpse of the elusive lights.

  • February: Riga, Latvia
    February: Riga, Latvia

    There is no better destination for the delicate and playful minds born in February. Riga's unparalleled charm is enhanced by the invigorating breeze and faded luminosity of the cold months. The pale blue of the winter sky and the ornate roofs cloaked in snow give an inimitable fairytale look to the city. Pastel-colored facades and quaint cafes adorn the Old Town, and you'll want to keep looking up to discover the many soaring treasures, including castle-like spires and lovely eaves.

    You'll find a plethora of Instagrammable sights in Riga, including the ocre-colored Renaissance-style House of the Blackheads, the sumptuously sculpted Art Nouveau facades of Kronvalda Park, and the elegant collection of cathedrals and churches dotting the city. Also, the fascinating Freedom Monument commemorates Latvia's strenuous fight for independence against the Soviets.

  • March: Piedmont, Italy
    March: Piedmont, Italy

    As Spring makes its timid debut, you might want to head to Northern Italy's verdant meadows and snow-covered peaks. Surrounded by the Alps, with its iridescent slopes and towering glaciers, Piedmont , which means ?foot of the mountain? stays true to its name,.

    March-born adventurers will love trying their hand at the various winter sports available in the region's many ski resorts, which boast ultra modern facilities and a one-of-a-kind scenery. Lush valleys, picturesque farm houses, quaint towns, medieval castles, and sun-kissed vineyards make up the rest of Piedmont's exceptional landscape.

    For those who like their birthday trips to strike a balance between pristine greenery and urban sights, Piedmont's green hills surround the vibrant city of Turin. For those who want to relax more than anything, the region is home to multiple state-of-the-art spa resorts. After a long day of skiing, sightseeing, and enjoying spa treatments, you'll also be able to indulge in delectable wine and traditional Italian delicacies, which Piedmont offers in abundance.

  • April: Innsbruck, Austria
    April: Innsbruck, Austria

    Those dynamic souls born in April will be enchanted by the wide range of activities Austria's Tyrol region has to offer. At the crossroads of alpine wilderness and a bustling metropolitan life, you can find elegant Innsbruck. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, luscious plains, and whimsical villages perched on the mountains' slopes, Innsbruck is an exquisite urban treasure.

    Awash in history and home to a multitude of cultural jewels, the city harmoniously blends tradition and innovation, natural charm and cosmopolitan attractions. Imperial historic buildings and modern architectural marvels coexist in the versatile and diverse city, and everywhere is a sight to behold. Innsbruck's most emblematic monument is the Golden Roof, a gilded alcove balcony ornate with intricate figures built over 500 years ago.

    When in Innsbruck, it would be a shame not to enjoy the surrounding mountainous wonders. Hikes, bike tours, rock climbing, or even a simple picnic on a grassy plateau are among the many activities available to you while in the Capital of the Alps.

  • May: Cordoba, Spain
    May: Cordoba, Spain

    This picturesque Andalusian town is everything May-born romantics will love, as Cordoba's quaint houses and narrow streets are made even more charming this time of year. The annual spring festivities kick off with the May Crosses festival during the first two weeks of the month, which is a competition for the most beautifully decorated cross. The celebrations then culminate in the Patio Contest, a competition for the most stunning patio.

    Filled with lush plants, rainbow bouquets, intricate mosaics, and sublime fountains, the town's patios open their doors in May for everyone to see. Lovely flower pots adorn the white walls and arches disappear behind a luxuriant blanket of bright flowers. As you explore Cordoba's cobblestone streets, the scent of jasmine and orange blossom will follow you around like an olfactory romantic ballad.

    If you stick around until the end of May, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in Cordoba's Feria, a traditional festival of colorful flamenco dresses, carefree parties, and delicious sangria in generous quantities.