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Which city to visit based on the word that best describes you
Posted on 02/11/2018

CultureUnited States of America

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Who are you? In addition to being a mind-boggling existential question, the answer can also determine where to go on your next vacation!

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  • Enthusiastic: Havana, Cuba
    Enthusiastic: Havana, Cuba

    Enthusiasts are easily pleased, but it's a whole different thing to make them genuinely ecstatic! And Havana will definitely rise to the occasion. The colorful and welcoming city is the best destination to let your enthusiasm explode in a shower of joyful confetti.

    For those who are the most upbeat and earnest person in the room more often than not, the Cuban capital will delight you with its diverse array of activities. From its elegant monuments and vibrant nightlife to its dreamy beaches, Havana will enchant you everywhere you turn. There is no better place to be unapologetically chipper, if only it is to match the locals' unparalleled conviviality.

  • Ambitious: Oslo, Norway
    Ambitious: Oslo, Norway

    Ambitious people are sometimes thought to be a bit cold. Embrace your reputation and head to the chilly Scandinavian city of Oslo. The forward-looking Norwegian capital is replete with magnificent works of avant-garde architecture, charming shops, and clever green initiatives. In other words, everything that you would want in a city of the future.

    Goal-oriented folks will love exploring this vibrant economic and cultural hub, which will fill your cold hearts with a newfound love for Oslo's neat and innovative beauty.

  • Adventurous: Queenstown, New Zealand
    Adventurous: Queenstown, New Zealand

    Adventurers, here's the perfect place to reconcile your urban inclinations and outdoorsy tendencies. In Queenstown, you can go from exploring the treasure-filled streets of the city to trying your hand at extreme sports in the surrounding lush wilderness.

    Seated on the shores of the azure-colored Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by verdant mountains, Queenstown offers exceptionally beautiful scenery that also makes for the perfect playground. A wide range of activities are made available to thrill-seeking visitors, who'll definitely get more than their recommended daily dose of adrenaline in this one-of-a-kind alpine resort.

  • Romantic: Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Romantic: Ljubljana, Slovenia

    For romantic souls, it will be love at first sight with Ljubljana, the picturesque capital city of Slovenia. Similar to Prague in terms of its gorgeous and distinctive architecture, Ljubljana is still very much a hidden gem. From a delightful boat cruise to a stroll in the luxuriant botanical gardens, everything can be done at your pace in this beguiling city.

    As you stare into the horizon from Ljubljana Castle's famous Outlook Tower or wander around the iconic Dragon Bridge, you'll truly feel like you've been projected into a tantalizing fairy tale.

  • Resourceful : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Resourceful : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Ethiopia's enthralling capital will delight you with its wealth of attractions and diverse ambience. Refreshingly youthful and delightfully eclectic, the joyous city is at the forefront of the country's economic and cultural revival. No longer at war with its Eritrean neighbor, Ethiopia can now concentrate on being its charming self.

    In Addis Ababa you'll always something new and exciting to try out, from contemporary art galleries to a vibrant music scene to the Horn of Africa's first space observatory. Don't forget to try coffee and injera, two delicacies that Ethiopia is very proud of, and for good reason.


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