Which city to visit based on the word that best describes you
Posted on 21/01/2021

CultureUnited States of America

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Who are you? In addition to being a mind-boggling existential question, the answer can also determine where to go on your next vacation!

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  • Enthusiastic: Havana, Cuba
    Enthusiastic: Havana, Cuba

    Enthusiasts are easily pleased, but it's a whole different thing to make them genuinely ecstatic! And Havana will definitely rise to the occasion. The colorful and welcoming city is the best destination to let your enthusiasm explode in a shower of joyful confetti.

    For those who are the most upbeat and earnest person in the room more often than not, the Cuban capital will delight you with its diverse array of activities. From its elegant monuments and vibrant nightlife to its dreamy beaches, Havana will enchant you everywhere you turn. There is no better place to be unapologetically chipper, if only it is to match the locals' unparalleled conviviality.


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