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Which city you should move to based on your personality
Posted on 17/11/2017

SocietyUnited Kingdom

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Just like people, every city has its own distinctive personality. Here's our guide to which city would suit you best.

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  • Sporty - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Sporty - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    It's common knowledge that Brazil has a passionate love affair with football. In 2014, they celebrated said passion by hosting the Fifa World Cup. The South American country produced a string of footballing legends: Pelé, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar, to name but a few. This is no co-incidence - football is deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture to the point that the nation explodes into jubilance or recedes into mourning depending on how its national team has performed. But there's so much more to the sporting life of Rio de Janeiro than football. Volleyball is incredibly popular in this seaside city, which should come as no surprise given that the golden sands are never far away. Meanwhile, Capoeira, a fusion of acrobatic martial art and elegant dance, has its home here.

  • Hipster - Berlin, Germany
    Hipster - Berlin, Germany

    The reunification of East and West in 1990 gave the city a new lease of life. The rebuilding process allowed Berlin to reinvent itself, resulting in a vibrant metropolis with a newfound confidence in its creative identity. Spend a lazy weekend twirling your ironic hipster moustache as you peruse retro flea markets, then head to the Mauerpark, or ?the Bear Pit? on Sundays to dip your toes into an off-beat festival vibe. If it's your Sache, head to the open-air amphitheater for some good karaoke fun. In Berlin, the festival atmosphere pops up all over town, and it's possible to submerge yourself in the ambiance all weekend without going home. That's because clubs like Sisyphos are in fact small communities that have everything you need to live there, from huge shared beds to food stalls and countless music rooms. Berghain, the city's infamous hideout for all things hedonistic, might grant you entry if they feel your hipster credentials are up to scratch. For those truly committed to the edgy lifestyle, Blogfabrik and Betahaus serve as communal working spaces for the quintessential hipster, from top bloggers to start-up entrepreneurs.

  • Adventurer - Cape Town, South Africa
    Adventurer - Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town is extraordinarily well stocked with incredible natural features. To the east lie pure white sands and world-class surfing, and to the west forested nature reserves sustaining the richest plant diversity in the world. Outdoor sports enthusiasts have hiking, skiing, and mountain biking and more right on their doorstep, thanks to the proximity of Tabletop Mountain. There, adrenaline junkies can abseil down the mountain's distinctive shape, or head elsewhere to skydive from 3,000km high. For a real taste of danger, False Bay is one of the best places in the world for viewing Great Whites. All of this gives the city a magnetic pull for fellow adventurers, and so you won't be alone in your quest for thrills.

  • Nature lover - Vancouver
    Nature lover - Vancouver

    When settlers arrived to Vancouver, they would have come across a temperate rainforest climate frequented by bears, wolves and elk. More recently, the city has responded to the unfortunate destruction of natural ecosystem that followed with concentrated efforts to restore nature to the city. Coyotes and raccoons are on the increase, and a project to bring back over ground streams coincides with the return of a local salmon population. Thanks to careful and intelligent city planning, Vancouver is consistently named as one of the top cities for livability and quality of life worldwide. Snow-capped peaks and luscious forests mean that outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, rock climbing and bear watching abound. The city also benefits from a magnificent waterfront.

  • Culture vulture - Vienna
    Culture vulture - Vienna

    Florence, Paris, Rome. These are some of the first names that will come to mind when thinking of a ?cultural capital'. But a quiet gem glitters at the heart of Europe. Perhaps quiet isn't the right word, because Vienna has always been a city animated by music. Its stellar musical history is like none other in the world, having cultivated great names such as Mozart, Mahler, Beethoven and Johan Strauss II. Its assets are by no means exclusively historical, however - the town is a buzz with non-stop concerts. These take on the history of the town in venues such as Stephansdom Church and the Staatsoper and Wiener Konzerthaus. If you ever tire of the rich music scene, there's much more besides. This is the city of Sigmund Freud, where his theory of psychoanalysis gave birth to so much modernist art and literature. Visit the Museums Quarter, whose museums burst at the seams with works by the great artistic canon. All this amongst deliciously stylish Art nouveau buildings, epitomized in the work of Otto Wagner.


Have you ever visited a city and just knew you could live there? Cities just like people have personalities, and while it is true that opposites attract sometimes it is just nice to find yourself in a place that 'just gets you'.