Why Guernsey is the perfect last-minute summer getaway
Posted on 09/07/2019

TipUnited Kingdom

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Looking for a quick escape? The unassuming island of Guernsey has more than enough to keep you busy!

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  • The second largest Channel Island is full of wonders
    The second largest Channel Island is full of wonders

    With an intriguing history, the Channel Islands are hard to classify. Neither French nor entirely British, they've always had a history distinct from their mainland neighbours. Although a British Crown dependency, Guernsey is often considered to be the most French of all the islands, and French was the official language until the mid-20th century. Now, English dominates although French is still common, and the native Norman Guernésiais is spoken by just 2% of the population.

    Guernsey's cultural hodgepodge, breezy beaches, hearty cuisine, and carpets of springtime wildflowers are just a few reasons to consider it for your next quick getaway. Take a closer look at the second largest Channel Island and you might love what you see!