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Here's why Tel Aviv is your perfect winter getaway
Posted on 24/01/2019 33 shares


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Now that "blue Monday" has come and gone, it's only natural to start craving some sun! Here's why Tel Aviv deserves the number one spot on your winter travel list.

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  • 1. Guaranteed vitamin D
    1. Guaranteed vitamin D

    Have you chosen the Canary Islands or Greece as your winter break destination in the past and been disappointed with chilly evenings and drizzle?

    This will not be the case in Tel Aviv thanks to Israel's 300 days of sunshine per year! The sun shines bright here even in winter, with November highs reaching a pleasant 24° C (75° F). Did you know its weather is so reliable that Israel is also a pioneer of solar energy?

  • 2. Wallet-friendly
    2. Wallet-friendly

    Unlike more popular winter destinations, flights here will not break the bank! In fact, in November you can fly from London for about £180 return ($237). And with cheaper flights than other winter break destinations, you'll have some extra cash left over for exploring this beautiful city!

  • 3. A warm welcome
    3. A warm welcome

    Tel Avivians welcome all visitors with open arms! Unlike many other places in the world, here people of all orientations co-exist peacefully under one sky.

    This may explain why for the last century Tel Aviv has been considered Israel's most liberal city, and let's not forget that it is also the unofficial gay capital of the Middle East. This open-minded attitude has more recently become evident in the way Tel Avivians dress. They're an uber-fashionable bunch, leading some to claim that Tel Aviv is the new Berlin. So move over Europe. It's time for the Middle East!

  • 4. The port city of Jaffa
    4. The port city of Jaffa

    Tel Aviv is home to one of the oldest port cities in the world, and with winding streets and heaps of history, Jaffa is a vacation within a vacation. Maybe you recognize its name from the the Bible, but having been recently renovated Jaffa today is much more than its religious associations.

    Boasting a unique mix of past and present, Jaffa is a great city to get lost in. With interesting architecture at every turn, traditional flea markets to be explored, and a port lined with buzzing cafés, Jaffa is the perfect insight into modern-day Tel Aviv.

  • 5. Bauhaus buildings
    5. Bauhaus buildings

    If architecture is your thing, Tel Aviv is definitely a destination that needs to be ticked off your bucket list! Especially interesting is the city's UNESCO-protected collection of 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings named The White City. A style known for its cheap materials and emphasis on function rather than style, you'll find the best of these buildings on the incredibly picturesque Bialik Street.

    But that's not all. Be sure to check out Leon Geignebet's striking Crazy House and Levontin Street's Jacobson's site. Visit the city's brand new funnel-shaped Mount Herzl Memorial Hall. When it comes to architecture Tel Aviv really is the city that keeps on giving.


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