10 reasons why Georgian should be your new favorite cuisine


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Whether it's the softest bread oozing the stringiest cheese or the most tender piece of meat you have ever tasted, once you have tasted Georgian food you will never crave anything else.

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  • Once you try Georgian you will never go back
    Yulia Grogoryeva/123RF
    Once you try Georgian you will never go back

    Ask someone what their favorite cuisine is and chances are they will name one of the usual suspects: Italian, Chinese, French or Japanese. The one thing they will probably not say - Georgian. And what a shame that is, because apart from its incredible landscapes and beautiful cities, Georgia is also home to some truly incredible food. As a means of introduction we have compiled a list of some of Georgia's tastiest dishes and produce. Although we should warn you, words can do these mouthwatering dishes justice, you will simply have to go out and taste them for yourself.

  • Khachapuri
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    Khachapuri for Georgia is what pizza is to Italy or sushi to Japan - it is the most ubiquitous traditional dish in the country, and one the one with which it is most commonly associated abroad. To put it simply khachapuri is hot doughy flat bread covered melted uber gooey sulguni cheese. You can buy them everywhere from high end restaurants to cafes and supermarkets - and thank goodness for that, since after your first bite you won't be able to have enough of it.

  • Adzharski Khachapuri
    Volodymyr Mykhailovskyi/123RF
    Adzharski Khachapuri

    Adzharski khachapuri is arguably the most decadent variety of the khachapuri. Shaped as an open 'boat' the steaming hot cheese pie is served with a raw egg yolk and a knob of butter in the middle, which you are meant to mix in with the cheese for that extra bit of fatty goodness.

  • Kharcho
    Yulia Mikhaylova/123RF

    A traditional Georgian soup, kharcho stems from Samegrelo in the west of the country. While usually found in the soup section on menus, kharcho is much more similar to a curry or a hearty stew. Made with beef, cherry plum puree, rice and walnuts the 'soup' is served topped with a few springs of fresh coriander. While absolutely delicious, we would recommend saving this staple of Georgian cuisine for the winter months, in the summer the heartiness of this dish combined with the weather may prove a bit too much to handle.

  • Soko
    Roksana Bashyrova/123RF

    While Georgian food may seem heavily reliant on meat, vegetarians should not despair as the country has numerous tasty meat free delicacies as well. One of our favorites is soko, mushrooms stuffed with stringy salty sulguni cheese and then baked in a clay pot. Absolutely incredible!


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